Thursday, December 1, 2022

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Carrie Bickmore suggested replacing 2Day FM’s Hughsey, Ed and Erin

With rumors swirling that she might be joining a rival TV network, Carrie Bickmore has been tapped for a breakfast radio gig following her departure from The Project earlier this week.

There has been much speculation about where Channel 10’s golden girl will go next, and some insiders said she’s ready to host Nine’s A Current Affair or could even replace Allison Langdon on the Today Show.

But television industry veteran Robert McKnight believes Bickmore’s future lies instead at the helm of 2Day FM’s breakfast show in Sydney.

“I don’t think she’s going to ACA. Channel Nine has made it quite clear that it will be someone who will be promoted internally. Although things can change from day to day,” McKnight said on the TV Blackbox podcast on Wednesday.

McKnight believes Bickmore, who hosts the Hit Network’s premier Drive show alongside Tommy Little, has many reasons for taking over the breakfast spot from his current hosts, Dave Hughes, Ed Kavalee and Erin Molan.

“We have to consider… [Bickmore is] earned, huh, a million dollars for her afternoon [radio] shows per year? The question is is [Bickmore] ready to take over the breakfast radio show in Sydney?’ he said.

‘[The current show is] Rating like crap, I’ve already heard whispers that she’s being offered $2 million a year to do the Sydney radio show with Tommy Little.

“Television doesn’t have as much money as radio,” McKnight later added.

Joining Breakfast Radio would also give the mother-of-three free time in the evenings to spend with her family, something Bickmore specifically mentioned in her resignation speech.

However, McKnight noted that Sydney listeners might have trouble communicating with Bickmore as she is “a very Melbourne personality”.

“But Carrie and Tommy put on a really great show! It’s really a fun afternoon show,” he added.

The Hughesy, Ed and Erin Morning Show took over 2Day FM’s breakfast show in January but failed to make it to the top of the ratings ladder.

The show hit an all-time low in ratings in 2021 but has fought back after hitting its all-time ratings earlier this year.

Still, the show remains at the bottom of the list, behind Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa and KIIS FM’s Kyle & Jackie O Show.

It comes after a Nine Network executive denied rumors that Bickmore is joining the Today show after announcing she is leaving Channel 10’s The Project.

According to industry sources, Bickmore, who has been linked at least once with the Today gig, will take the 2023 job alongside Karl Stefanovic while Allison Langdon is drafted in to replace Tracy Grimshaw on A Current Affair.

Steven Burling, director of Morning Television at Nine, dismissed those claims on Twitter and said the proposed moves will not go ahead.

Burling’s rejection comes after an industry insider claimed Bickmore’s potential move to Today “made sense” given her undeniable popularity.

“It’s the next, most obvious step for them,” the rival network’s source said.

“As much as you’d like to say that she’s not as nice as her on-screen personality, that’s not the case.

“Everyone likes her. viewers like them. She would bring a lot of positive energy to Today and it all makes sense timing wise.”

The bubbly presenter was previously linked to the Today hosting job in 2019 after Georgie Gardner and Deborah Knight were ousted. However, Neun denied that any formal approach had been taken at the time.

Bickmore, who is popular with viewers and her TV peers both on and off screen, confirmed she had no plans to leave the small screen during her on-air announcement Tuesday night, saying: “Honey, I’m not going in the retirement. I’m going to move on to something else that I don’t know what that is yet.

The high-profile changes could signal a long-overdue surge in ratings for Today, which has long suffered from Seven’s Sunrise and recently plummeted to 155,000 viewers in the Metro’s five-city market.

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