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Carolina Santos from Married At First Sight LEAKS private emails from Channel Nine

Carolina Santos is the latest star of Married At First Sight to publicly criticize an attempt by Channel Nine to give controversial bride Domenica Calarco her own spin-off show.

On Wednesday, the 33-year-old leaked an email from a network executive asking if she’d like to be interviewed by Domenica for her “lighthearted” online chat show.

A defiant Carolina said she didn’t want to be interviewed by her former co-star, who is widely disliked by the MAFS cast, despite receiving brilliant editing this season.

“Some of us received this email from the MAFS team. no thanks I’m not desperate after five extra minutes [of fame]’ the Brazilian-born businesswoman wrote on Instagram.

She continued, “Besides, when is it ever lighthearted with that person? I had to block this chick as she kept talking to herself in my DMs.

“And MAFS thinks I’d like to FaceTime her? Do they even watch their own show?’

In addition to sharing screenshots of Nine’s email, Carolina also posted the old Instagram messages that led to her Instagram blocking of Domenica in June.

The 29-year-old makeup artist spammed Carolina’s DMs after she accused Domenica of ‘faking’ her on-screen relationship with Jack Millar to get ‘more TV time’.

Nine may be forced to shelve plans for his MAFS spin-off web series hosted by Domenica, as Carolina isn’t the only former co-star who has declined to take part.

Several cast members have declined to be interviewed by her for the planned show, which is due to launch next month on 9Now and and run until the season 10 premiere of MAFS in early 2023.

The format for the series would have seen her FaceTime with her MAFS alumni to “check in” on them and see how they’re doing after the show.

But many former MAFS participants have flatly refused to take part, citing Domenica’s alleged mistreatment both during filming and on social media, including the televised incident where she broke a glass for one of the brides.

Some also feel that Dom received unfair positive editing at the expense of her season 9 castmates, and don’t want to reward her with more opportunities on the Nine Network.

The network sent an email to the cast inviting them to appear in the online series, but a former star told Yahoo Lifestyle “nobody” wanted to be in it.

“I’m good friends with eight of the cast members, and no one I’m friends with does the ‘chat,'” the source said.

“Honestly, like we’re actually updating them on our lives, it’s so ridiculous. Also, the show has been heavily edited, so I don’t think anyone would be foolish enough to think it’s going to be a “lighthearted” chat.

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