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Candace Owens Calls Chrissy Teigen ‘Mentally Disturbed’ Over Her Abortion Story

Candace Owens has called Chrissy Teigen “mentally disturbed” after the model said she recently realized her miscarriage two years ago was a life-saving abortion.

Teigen, 36, and her husband, John Legend, said they lost their son, Jack, at 20 weeks in September 2020, and the couple shared Instagram photos of themselves with their baby at the hospital.

Teigen, who said in August that she was expecting another child, said during an appearance at Propper Daley’s A Day of Unreasonable Conversation event earlier in September that she belatedly realized her son had been aborted. .

“Two years ago when I was pregnant with Jack…I had to make a lot of tough and heartbreaking decisions. It became very clear halfway through that he wasn’t going to survive, and I wasn’t going to. not without any medical intervention either,” she told Hollywood reporters.

Teigen – who has daughter Luna Simone, 6, and son Miles Theodore, 4, with musician Legend, 43 – said the recent rollback of abortion rights with the repeal of Roe v. calf made him rethink his own experience.

“Let’s just call it what it was: It was an abortion,” Teigen said. “An abortion to save my life from a baby that had absolutely no chance. And to be honest, I never, ever put that in place until, in fact, a few months ago.

“I fell silent, feeling weird that I didn’t understand it that way. I told the world we had a miscarriage, the world agreed we had a miscarriage, all the headlines were saying it was a miscarriage.

“And I got really frustrated that I didn’t say what it was in the first place, and I felt silly that it took me over a year to figure out that we had an abortion” , Teigen said.

Owens, 33, who has publicly criticized Teigen in the past, devoted a segment of The Candace Owens Show podcast to challenge the model’s motivations behind sharing information.

Before sharing a link to his podcast on social media, Owens wrote of Teigen in an Instagram Story post, “Now I feel like it’s open season, and he’s a person in pain. mental illness and we need to talk about it. Because the social mental illness that the media creates for so many people, it’s the number one example.”

In separate posts, Owens wrote: “Also as an aside – she never apologized to a single person she told to kill herself. The media is trying to magically make you forget – and feel instead of sympathy for a mentally ill person. I decline.”

“@chrissyteigen is not a victim,” the conservative commenter added. “She victimizes.”

On her podcast, Owens said Teigen shared her abortion story to distract from her cyberbullying scandal: “Her PR team must be awesome. They’re trying to reintroduce us and make us forget that she is a total psychopath.”

Turning her attention to the photos Teigen posted of herself with her late son, Owens said: “As a mother you felt so bad…I saw those photos and said, that’s it. is a little weird that these photos were taken, I’m going to be honest…

“She took these photos in the hospital right after losing her son of her crying, of her praying, of her and John Legend sitting [in the hospital].”

“That begs the question: who took the photo? said Owens. “Like, who actually, after losing their child, who would be invasive enough to pull out their phone or pull out a camera and photograph a woman in this horrible position, this very sad position?”

Saying there was also a picture of Teigen and Legend together, Owens continued, “If John Legend didn’t take that picture of her initially, who was the third person who was in that hospital during the time? COVID lockdowns, by the way, when people weren’t even allowed to have their husbands in there?”

“I personally think Chrissy Teigen is addicted to social media,” Owens said. “She’s addicted to getting attention and I thought that was proof of that. I also felt – and I’m going to say it now because I feel like it’s good to say now – that was a PR strategy.

“If there was a firestorm about how disgusting and awful a person was that they had been online for so many people and then all of a sudden it appears that they are pregnant and then they lose their child, and rather than announcing that they lost their child, they put these very graphic photos on the internet…

“Again the press then says, ‘Oh, forget all the suicide stuff, she’s so brave. Look at her, she’s photographing herself having a miscarriage. We still love her.’ Right? Wrong,” Owens said.

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