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Camille Vasquez slammed for saying drunk or High Depp couldn’t attack heard

Johnny Depp’s lawyer, Camille Vasquez, has come under fire after claiming her client couldn’t have hurt Amber Heard when he was ‘too drunk and stoned’ to get up.

Depp’s attorney has won many fans during the 2022 libel lawsuit between former married couple Depp and Heard, but public support for her appears to be waning, especially in light of comments she made in Discovery + documentary Johnny vs. Amber: The American Trial. The two-part documentary series is available to watch now.

Depp and Heard’s lawsuit caused a stir in the media from April to June 2022. Depp ultimately won the lawsuit against Heard, after writing a 2018 op-ed stating that she was the survivor of domestic violence. Depp won on three counts of defamation, while Heard won on one. Both sides are appealing the verdicts, with Heard recruiting a new legal team to represent her.

Ahead of the appeal trial, the new Discovery+ documentary has lifted the curtain behind the tactics of Depp’s legal team. Vasquez and Benjamin Chew feature prominently on the new show, as tactical discussions between the two are featured. A statement by Vasquez appears to have offended many people online, as his comments were discussed on social media.

“It’s a part of the case that I never understood,” Vasquez begins, discussing Heard’s testimony regarding Depp’s behavior. “He’s either drunk and stoned and unable to even stand, or he’s drunk and stoned and capable of attacking her, chasing her, punching her? That just doesn’t make sense.”

His comments were criticized in a Reddit thread by many users. “What an incredibly stupid argument,” @Its_Alive_74 wrote. “It’s very common for people who are drunk or stoned to assault others.” They added: “If she actually thinks that, I would wonder how someone like her was able to get her law degree.”

“So I guess everyone who’s been abused by drunks is lying,” @catinobsloeteshower wrote. “Great job Camille, always keep blaming the victim the way you do.” Numerous conversations throughout the Reddit thread accuse Vasquez and Depp’s legal team of victim blaming throughout the trial.

Overheard fan accounts also picked up the comments on Twitter, with @iBelieveYouA saying, “Imagine being so clueless. She was clearly lucky never to be with a drug addict. That statement is beyond ridiculous.”

@MatthewsLillith called Vasquez’s comments “absolutely idiotic”, while @cocainecross said: “I really hate Camille Vasquez because of how all of his defenses surround him [domestic violence] other [intimate partner violence] stem from stereotypes and victim-blaming tropes. No one would take her seriously if their target wasn’t Amber, she’s really bad at her job.”

“Really can’t believe Camille Vasquez said ‘how can you be abused if the abuser is a lunatic alcoholic’,” wrote anti-Depp account @baddepptakes.

@ACasualEconomist wrote: “That must be why bar fights never happen.”

Twitter user @Gingerdreaming1 defended Vasquez’s comments. “She never said drug addicts couldn’t be violent, but they had to be awake to do so. AH showed ample evidence that he passed out during all of his charges, hence his statement,” they said.

Pleasemynews has reached out to Vasquez and his representatives for further comment.

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