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Cameron Diaz says she is “nursing” after being accused of telling the journalist to “die of cancer”.

Cameron Diaz looked radiant in a black dress with a chunky gold necklace this weekend.

This 50-year-old Mask actress visited Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show where they swapped stories. The comedian shared that he was stuck in Gwyneth Paltrow’s bathtub because Cameron was late for her surprise birthday party. And she also said her friends called her “caring” after welcoming daughter Raddix, who she has with Benji Madden.

This comes after Jann Wenner heavily implied in his new book Like A Rolling Stone that she told a researcher to “die of cancer”.

Cameron giggled through the interview, often appearing flirtatious and playful.

Diaz also spoke about coming out of retirement to be in Back in Action with Jamie Foxx.

The conversation started with her family — she has a daughter named Raddix with Benji Madden.

When Fallon congratulated her, she said: “I haven’t had a baby physically, but we brought a child home and it’s incredible.”

And she seemed impressed with how far she’s come: “We have a toddler, I’m a full parent.”

She also said many of her friends said she was “very caring”.

But she said she likes it and will take it.

And Cameron said she had a small 50th birthday party at home with close friends: “It was really small.” She hinted that she would throw a bigger party later and invite Jimmy.

She said that her husband Benji likes birthday parties very much.

She then brought up her surprise birthday party. ‘You were late!’ Jimmy said, but she argued she didn’t know it was a surprise party.

“Me and Drew and my wife, there were about ten of us waiting for you in this bathtub,” Jimmy said.

Cameron added that someone has a photo of them all in the tub. They didn’t say when Gwyneth threw Cameron’s surprise birthday party.

Next, she’s working with Jamie Foxx in a new film.

And she said the film title Back In Action was perfect for her because the film is her return to acting. She said she was nervous and excited to return to acting, then shared that it was “muscle memory” to return to acting.

She has already done two films with Jamie, the last being Annie. “He’s so great, he’s so easy and professional and talented,” she said. She also said he’s like a “racehorse” because he talks fast.

And Diaz also spoke about her Avaline wine label. She said it’s Ah-vah-lean.

Diaz appears to be featured in a new memoir from Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner, in which he recalls an awkward interaction with the star.

The American magazine magnate, 76, shared an incident that took place in the mid-2000s — while he owned by Us Weekly – with an actress pictured in a paparazzi photo kissing Justin Timberlake on a surfboard, apparently pointing at Diaz, 50.

Though he didn’t name the movie star, Wenner described her as “awkward to deal with” and claimed she told one of the magazine’s researchers, “I hope you get cancer,” per Page Six.

Wenner revealed that one of the magazine’s first pieces of news was a paparazzi photo of the unnamed actress kissing Timberlake on a surfboard.

Diaz rose to fame when he shared a tender kiss with the singer on a surfboard while they vacationed in Hawaii in 2006 — which appears to match the time frame described in the memoir.

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