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BTS star Jin has to wear one "front unit"

BTS take a break. The K-pop band’s record label recently confirmed that the singers will be serving military service. It’s about to start for the first. the fans are worried

The oldest musician of the globally successful K-pop band BTS is due to start military service in mid-December. As reported by the South Korean news agency Yonhap, the 29-year-old Jin will have to undergo five weeks of basic training before being assigned to a “front-line unit”. Fans reacted with concern.

“I literally broke my heart when I read that he was on the front lines,” wrote one user

Chirping. “Why front? Why?” Another commented, “We all saw it coming, but I still feel my heart breaking.”

In South Korea, every healthy man up to the age of 30 must do military service for about two years. Those who evade it risk a prison sentence. An exemption is only available for top athletes such as Olympic winners and classical musicians. Pop stars are not included, although BTS has been discussed for years as an exception.

The seven members of BTS are now between 24 and 29 years old. It had therefore been clear for some time that at least soon Jin would have to start his military service. Incidentally, he will celebrate his 30th birthday next week: December 4th.

The group announced in June that they would be taking a break, allowing individual members to temporarily focus on solo projects. In October, the band’s record label confirmed that the men were facing military service.

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