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Bruce Willis plays a bounty hunter trying to hunt down John Travolta in the Paradise City trailer

Bruce Willis has been reunited with his former co-star John Travolta in the action-packed trailer for their upcoming movie Paradise City.

The action film, which will be released on November 11, is one of several Willis, 67, completed before his family announced in March that he was retiring from acting after being diagnosed with aphasia.

The film also appears to be the first major feature film collaboration between Willis and Travolta, 68, since they starred in Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 crime classic Pulp Fiction.

Willis plays an aging bounty hunter in Hawaii who takes on one of his most dangerous missions yet. After being shot and left for dead, his son Ryan (Blake Jenner) teams with his father’s former partner (Stephen Dorff) to hunt down his killers while dealing with a sadistic crime boss (Travolta).

The trailer, released Wednesday, begins with Willis on a beautiful Hawaiian shore as he shoves a man carrying a black bag over his head.

Then suddenly a group of armed men drive up a hill overlooking the beach and Willis turns to them, with the hooded man on the ground at his feet.

“My name is Ian Swan. This man is my prisoner!’ he yells at the men as they point guns at him.

He holds a handgun to the masked man’s head, but then the men around them open fire, so he points his assault rifle at them and starts taking them down one by one.

Swan appears to have been shot due to a bloody circle on his white shirt and the action is cut off, suggesting he may not have survived the firefight.

The plot follows his son Ryan Swan (Jenner) dating Dorff’s character Robbie Cole in hopes of avenging his father.

They are also joined by a detective (Praya Lundberg) who joins the case.

After Ryan gets into a fight with some of the other men who work with Robbie, they reach a point of relaxation.

“Your father and I used to work together. He’s made a lot of enemies,” says Robbie.

“He was chasing a real bounty whale,” he continues when Travolta’s crime boss first appears on screen.

He is seen in a flashback having a drink with Willis’ character.

“Are you dangerous?” asks Travolta.

“Not to my friends,” Willis replies.

‘Well, that’s a shame because I have enough friends.’

Dorff’s character then reveals that Travolta’s character runs “the largest meth operation in the Midwest.”

Around the campfire, Willis adds that he “helped make Maui the international drug haven” while Travolta throws a party.

Travolta and the younger Swan then meet in a car where he advises him to “leave this island and never come back”.

However, he doesn’t heed his advice and Ryan takes a yellow speedboat to an island, accompanied by the detective in a pink bikini.

Next, he is disguised as a member of one of Travolta’s parties when he knocks a man unconscious so that he falls into a pool.

Travolta’s character seems to have captured Robbie in the meantime, and he lets one of his henchmen hit him while sitting across from him at a table.

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