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Brittany Cartwright’s latest TV spot dragged by VPR fans

Brittany Cartwright has a lot to celebrate.

The former “Vanderpump Rules” star has officially lost 40 pounds in six months on the Jenny Craig Max Up program. She became a spokesperson for the company in January 2022 and keeps track of the program and shows her progress every few weeks.

Cartwright had originally set a goal of losing 30 pounds, but after losing 34 pounds in four months, she set a new goal of 40 pounds – and she has officially achieved it.

“Now I see and feel like myself again,” Cartwright said after her last performance.

On September 5, 2022, Cartwright shared her latest commercial for the company.

“I’m so excited about my new commercials with @jennycraigofficial air today!!!! This was such a fun day!! I feel so blessed,” she captioned the video.

“This is such a special day! We are so incredibly proud of you,” read a comment from Jenny Craig’s official Instagram account.

Several people praised Cartwright for doing such a great job with her weight loss, but another conversation played out on Reddit, where Bravo viewers ripped the commercial to shreds, criticizing everything from Cartwright’s eyebrows to the sound of her voice.

Here’s what you need to know:

Shortly after Cartwright shared her commercial, several Redditors commented on it in a thread. While many people said Cartwright looks good, others focused on the commercial itself and couldn’t help but share their thoughts on Cartwright’s voice and her acting skills.

“I saw it with the volume off because I can’t take it, but damn she looks amazing,” one person wrote.

“I haven’t even listened to the sound and I know exactly what I sound like. The acting, omg, f****** damn awful,” another added.

“I had the video on mute and can already tell she’s exaggerating,” said another Redditor.

“I watched this with the sound off and even then I could feel Brittany’s voice scratching my eardrums,” read a fourth comment.

“Ok I’m not going to lie I originally watched this on mute and had an idea how bad it was. I watched it at the volume and it was so much worse than I thought it could be. Which didn’t hold her back and said, “Hey, you gotta pronounce it!” The only word separating them was “delicious,” weighed a fifth Reddit user.

Despite the negativity surrounding Cartwright’s latest TV spot, Cartwright gained a lot of support from the people closest to her, including her husband, Jax Taylor, and several of her friends.

“So proud of you baby,” Jax Taylor responded to Cartwright’s Instagram post.

“Get it, Mom. I am so proud of you. You look absolutely gorgeous! Always have, always do,” added Lala Kent, the star of “Vanderpump Rules”.

“Sooo proud and happy for you Bitty!!” said Kristen Doute.

“Yesssssss girl!!!!” wrote Scheana Shay.

Cartwright has not revealed if she will set a new goal to continue losing weight or if she will move into a maintenance phase.

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