Tuesday, October 4, 2022

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Britney Spears shows off her figure in a fuchsia cut-out dress during vacation in Hawaii

She has been enjoying a sun-soaked vacation in Maui, Hawaii with her husband Sam Ashgari.

And Britney Spears looked glamorous as she donned a fuchsia dress for an evening out on Monday.

The singer, 40, showcased her stunning figure in the garment, which featured a cut-out detail at the sides.

Britney styled her blonde locks in an updo and struck a series of poses on a balcony with a stunning night view behind her.

The dress also featured a high collar, while the hitmaker opted for a makeup-free look in the clip.

It comes after Britney’s younger sister Jamie Lynn shared a poignant quote about cognitive dissonance on Instagram on Sunday night.

The 31-year-old actress – who is in an ongoing feud with her pop star sister – published in her stories a quote by Frantz Fanon about people who cannot accept evidence that goes against their “core beliefs”.

The quote read: “Sometimes people have a very strong core belief. If they are presented with solid evidence that contradicts this belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted.

“It would produce a very uncomfortable feeling called cognitive dissonance. And because it’s so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit the core belief.’

Cognitive dissonance is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “psychological conflict resulting from incongruent beliefs and simultaneously held attitudes”.

Jamie Lynn did not specify whether the quote was intended for anyone in particular.

Jamie Lynn has a strained relationship with her older sister Britney, who she recently accused of telling “crazy lies” in her memoir.

It comes after Britney has been voicing grievances against her family in recent months, most recently phoning Jamie about reportedly seeing her father during the Covid lockdowns and building a home in Louisiana.

In a now-deleted post, the pop icon shared a photo of her sister with her father Jamie, 70, as evidence she had defied Covid-19 lockdowns, although the picture appears to have been taken back in 2019.

She also complained that her life was ruined while Jamie was able to maintain her privacy: “How come no one knows my sister is building a huge house in Louisiana??? Why aren’t their livers exposed??? Mine was exposed as a joke in the press with the documentaries!!!’

The photos in her deleted post show Jamie Lynn walking through a parking garage with her father, along with a mirror selfie Jamie Lynn took.

However, the photo from the garage has been dated to 2019, before Britney may have experienced any lockdowns, and the selfie was reportedly taken in Britney’s guest bedroom while Jamie Lynn stayed with her on her 2019 trip, sources told TMZ.

The sources claimed that Jamie Lynn was visiting Los Angeles to meet up with streaming services as she tried to get back to work after giving birth to her second daughter, Ivey, in 2018.

The sources added that Jamie Lynn hoped Britney would ban her from future posts and they claimed the singer lied about her sister in hopes of damaging her reputation.

They also claimed that Jamie Lynn and her husband used their own money to build their home in Louisiana.

The pop star’s feud with her family revolves around her now-defunct conservatorship, which she instigated to her parents and accused her sister of making a living from.

Jamie and her parents were also left off the guest list for Britney’s wedding to Sam Asghari in June.

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