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Brendan Fraser brought a quality to the role of “Pro” that surprised Tom Welling

Brendan Fraser is back professionals. While we wait for his new movie The whale To get into theaters, you can catch Fraser on The CW. Fraser plays Peter Swan, a billionaire who hires Vincent Corbo (Tom Welling) for his security team. Welling is also an executive producer, as is Fraser, and Welling said Fraser’s take on Swan surprised him.

Showbiz Cheat Sheet spoke to Welling in 2020 when he was selling professionals. Now it’s finally airing on The CW. Here’s what Welling said, Fraser added to the role. professionals airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

Welling previously told Cheat Sheet how he met professionals Creators Michael Colleary and Jeff Most. He also shared how he knew Fraser would be right for the role.

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“When Brendan became clingy, I couldn’t have been happier,” Welling said. “It was the easiest thing in the world. He and I first met in Ireland in person in the hotel lobby where we literally bumped into each other. We just hit it off straight away. I’ve always looked up to him throughout his career and mine. It was just a really fun, casual relationship that we had that then I think carried over into my character and his character’s back and forth because it’s kind of weird at first.”

Swan first tasks Corbo with finding out who sabotaged his rocket launch. There are more missions each week and eventually Corbo and Swan become partners.

“Brendan brings that thing to Peter Swan that I wasn’t expecting, which is sympathy,” Welling said. “The scripts were great, but Brendan brought a liking factor that I wasn’t expecting, and that made Vincent go, ‘Man, I really don’t want to like this guy,’ but he ended up making friends. I missed that element in the prep, but when we shot it, it just added so much more.”

Sympathy is at the core of Fraser’s comeback. He was loveable in every role he played The Mummy and George from the jungle to school ties and gods and monsters. Now we get that Fraser goodness on TV every week.

Fraser may have given up his action hero legacy, but he still remains the boss of Corbo’s team.

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“I think it’s like a A team meets ocean 11 but more exotic,” Welling said. “We were down in South Africa. There are scenes with wild elephants walking through scenes. There’s even one with Ken Duken where he walks that long way. He got lost in the wilderness of the Sahara desert and by accident these wild animals start running through the shot. Ken just went with him. It can be pretty exciting when an elephant and giraffe just start walking through your set.”

Welling promised that “Professionals” would deliver both the comic relief and the kick-ass action.

“They did a great thing with Michael and Jeff,” Welling said. “There was definitely room for comedy on the show, but they really let us play with it. I think what we get is a lot more of a human aspect to these characters because we had a lot of fun on and off set, especially with my crew that I put to work for me, Vincent’s crew. The banter that happened between takes kind of flowed into the characters and I think we have a nice flow and rhythm and energy when we’re all together.”

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