Tuesday, October 4, 2022

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Blake Shelton Admits He Misses Kelly Clarkson on ‘The Voice’

Kelly Clarkson left “The Voice” ahead of season 22 of the show. The music star and talk show host took the summer off but is back in full swing on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” where she recently welcomed former “The Voice” co-star Blake Shelton.

For season 22 of “The Voice”, Clarkson was replaced by pop star Camila Cabello and Team Camila. The coaching panel consists of Cabello, Shelton, Gwen Stefani and John Legend.

It hasn’t been announced yet that Clarkson will return to “The Voice” in the coming seasons, though it seems more likely with a Spring 2023 season apparently in the works.

During the interview, Clarkson asked Shelton how “The Voice” was doing, adding that she knows he misses her.

“So bad,” he said. “You know, it’s, Camila’s done a good job, but nobody’s you. Let’s say there’s only one Kelly Clarkson. But there’s one person we’ve found who can talk as much as you and that’s Camila.’

Clarkson said she knows Cabello can talk and that their interview had to be cut when she appeared on “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

“She’s passionate, she likes to talk about music,” Clarkson added. “I love her for the show though, it’s really cool!”

Shelton went on to add that when Cabello talks, “she makes sense. When you tell your story, you know how you’re doing it…by the end, you’re lost.”

During the interview, Shelton and Clarkson sang a duet of Shelton’s hit “Austin” together as part of her “Songs and Stories” segment.

The star said she had asked Shelton to bring his guitar and that she wanted him to start playing part of his first number one hit.

“I love this song,” Clarkson said. “It’s such a quintessential country song and why I fell in love with it. That turnaround at the end. It’s such an amazing turnaround. I love that kind of storytelling. And it blew up!”

Shelton added that he had a mullet when the song came out, and Clarkson said she didn’t really like mullet then and now.

“Will you sing with me?” Shelton asks Clarkson before strumming his guitar. “I’ve never heard you sing on this show, so that’s cool. I watch your show every day. Every day.”

The song was one of Shelton’s first big hits and Clarkson looked a little starstruck while performing.

“If you call about the car, I sold it / If this is Tuesday night I’m bowling / You have something to sell, you’re wasting your time, I’m not buying,” they sing together. “If it’s someone else, wait for the tone, you know what to do. / PS, if this is Austin, I still love you.’

Clarkson told Shelton she loves that song and advised fans to “listen to that whole song because when that last chorus hits…it’s so good.”

Fans were obsessed and begged the two to sing a duet together.

“Kelly and Blake should record a song together,” one commented. “It’s so good.”

Another person wrote: “Their harmonies were really good, hopefully they record together.”

Other fans begged them to record the song together.

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