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Bill Maher and Tucker Carlson Planning Podcast Sit Down

Bill Maher wants to have people he knows he won’t agree with on his podcast random clubthat’s why he’s planning an interview with Tucker Carlson.

The comedian turned political commentator and HBO host was speaking to Pleasemynews about his new podcast series when he revealed how close a meeting between him and the Fox News host was.

Mower open random club in March 2022 and hosted Aaron Rodgers, Jay Leno, Lisa Kudrow, Nikki Glaser, Piers Morgan, Bella Thorne and Quentin Tarantino.

hey said Pleasemynews what he didn’t like about the old podcast format and why he wanted to change it, who he wouldn’t have on his podcast and why Donald Trump is still welcome.

Although the doors of random club has only been open for six months, Maher has welcomed an array of guests to real time the host has always welcomed differing viewpoints, and he wants to continue that tradition on his podcast as well.

“I’m one of the only people in the entertainment world who does this on a regular basis, bringing in people with an opposing point of view. Every show on MSNBC should be called ‘You’re so right, Chris’ or whatever it is. else. It’s just people talking on the corner amen.” Maher continued, “And that’s okay, I know a lot of people watching. It’s heartwarming, and we live in a very tribal society.”

Maher explains what has always set him apart from other hosts. “I like to hear people’s different points of view, and we don’t always agree. And I’ll say to people, ‘I think you guys are crazy about this, but let’s just talk about it.’ I’ll have almost everyone. I mean, Tucker Carlson and I are trying to work out a mutual interview schedule. It’s very difficult because apparently he’s recording in an undisclosed location and I can’t. find. We’re never in the same city, but we want to do it.”

Although he speaks to almost everyone, Maher says he would draw the line between “Klansmen, Nazis and cannibals.”

While HBO Real time with Bill Maher has a political bias, random club focuses more on staff and entertainment. His celebrity guests discuss a wide range of topics with him, which may but do not always turn political.

Maher went the extra mile by setting up his studio to random club. There are no visible cameras, no producers and no PR experts on site. It’s just Maher and his guest in a cocktail bar environment. Maher has also developed a technique to get his guests to open up.

“I’ve always said that when I throw parties here or anywhere, the secret to a great party, and it’s not such a big secret: get them high. Have drinks handy.”

Maher says he considered podcasting ten years ago, but decided against it because he already had a TV show. When he finally decided to take the plunge, he chose to distance himself from criticism from other existing podcasts.

“They look awful. Most of them, some have improved a bit, but it’s still a studio. There are other people there, so you’re not alone with your guest. So I wanted to combine podcasting with the Big Brother house. I mean, it cost me a fortune to put the cameras in the walls of that place.” He also wanted to get rid of the headphones, the “giant micro penis in your face” and everyone else.

Maher paid a reality TV crew to install the equipment which “apparently wasn’t cheap”. Eventually he got the result he wanted. “You’re just in a nightclub with me having a drink and smoking and chewing fat. And it’s amazing how many people forget they’re doing a podcast.”

Although he does not drink, Donald Trump would also be welcome in random club as a guest with whom Maher does not necessarily agree.

“I would love to. Are you kidding? That would be amazing. More than anyone else. Who’s most important in the world right now? I mean, not in a good way in my opinion. was definitely harder on Donald Trump than I was.”

Trump and Maher have publicly exchanged harsh words toward each other for years. Maher commented that he had been predicting for years that Trump “won’t just leave” and although he was initially fired, Maher says he was right.

“I would like to talk to him about it, but I don’t think it will happen, but who knows? He’s crazy enough to do it. I think we could have a great discussion.”

Maher continued, “Even Donald Trump, we could get to a place where we had a bonding moment, but he would have to submit to my understanding of him being a malignant narcissist.”

New episodes of Maher’s podcast random club drops every Sunday night on streaming platforms, with the podcast’s video footage posted to YouTube.

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