Friday, December 2, 2022

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Bilal Hassani: this period of his life that still haunts him

On the set of En Aparté, Bilal Hassani spoke about the bullying he suffered from some classmates in college. The singer actually struggled to take being the target of teasing.

“I was a boy who was very, very comfortable in conversation, they called me ‘the little president’ when I was a kid and when I got into college they laughed with me more but they laughed at me and me, I didn’t understand at all. I automatically curled up and that was really how Bilal Hassani was born. It literally saved my life as it took my mind off all the pain I was going through on a daily basis,” the star explained.

In the program “50’s Inside” with Nikos Aliagas, the singer had already spoken about this very difficult time.

“Arriving at school was a bit of a shock because I find myself with kids who don’t understand who I am,” he said. “It’s the cruelty of old age, children can be cruel, etc. […] It wasn’t fun because there was a lot of harassment, and even harassment, which I say is invisible. That means everyone laughs at you without actually saying it. After a while you go along with the joke to protect yourself, and a few years later you realize, “But actually, they were all kidding me.” And that hurts a bit.”

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