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‘Big Brother 24’: Turner Reveals Fans Hated Him Before The Season

big brother 24 was full of ups and downs, but still kept the fans on their toes and endlessly entertained. And Matthew Turner has been a major source of entertainment throughout the season. His feud with Jasmine Davis, Muffingate and his nonchalant demeanor amused numerous viewers. gymnasts and big brother 24 The fans didn’t exactly start on the right foot.

CBS waited until the previous day big brother 24 Premiered to reveal the cast, which included Turner. Fans immediately took apart their bios and preseason interviews with various publications. Of course, they scoured the internet for information about the house guests. And fans discovered disturbing details about Turner.

His sister Holly released a lengthy statement Twitter describes why Turner is an “absolute trash person”. She claimed he bullied her relentlessly, was racist, and was highly manipulative.

Some fans were supportive of Holly while others were unsure what to believe. However, most of the spectators went inside big brother 24 with negative feelings towards Turner. But fans started warming to him after he defended Taylor Hale and joined the Leftovers alliance. Also, his rivalry with Jasmine gave them even more reason to like him.

Fan perceptions of Turner changed again (no pun intended) when he betrayed and isolated Joseph Abdin during Dyre Fest. And let’s just say the rest of the season has been a rollercoaster ride in terms of audience feelings towards Turner. It certainly didn’t help that, after finding out that Kyle Capener wanted to form an all-white alliance, his first thought was that Taylor Hale had to go.

After escaping the big brother 24 House, Turner has a strong social media presence. He posts numerous memes from his season, makes fun of himself and his roommates, and sometimes interacts with fans.

Turner has not yet commented on the allegations against him. However, on October 10, he wrote on his Twitter“I’m not ONLY finding out from that BB24 Superlatives that you all couldn’t stand before the season [three skull emojis].”

One fan commented, “We couldn’t stand you throughout the season,” and Turner replied, “LOL FAIR.”

Another Twitter user added, “And then we all banned you in week 3 and then Dyre Fest happened and we didn’t like you again.” Again, Turner replied, “LMAO UNDERSTANDABLE.”

So Turner seems at least self-aware.

During an interview with Parade right after the big brother 24 Finale shared his thoughts on his gameplay with Turner.

“I feel like I got into a lot of good situations and a lot of bad situations. And I had to make up for it. And I’m just happy to be here at the end of the day,” Turner said. “However, there were some tougher days than others, like when Alyssa was voted out and the whole explosion happened with Brittany. I don’t know what’s shown, so I’m just going by what I can remember. That was a tough day.”

He continued, “Being a have-not was a tough day. Jasmine’s birthday was terribly boring. But I did my best. And even when I failed, when I was beaten, when I was in third place, I was like, ‘Well, I’m not mad.’ I got further than I thought! I thought there was a chance I would have been out in the first week. So the fact that it wasn’t me and made it onto the jury and made it into the last three? I can not complain.”

big brother 24 can be streamed on Paramount+.

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