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‘Big Brother 24’: Taylor is ‘confused’ her fauxmance with Joseph wasn’t on the show

Big Brother 24 Episodes left out much of what happened in live feeds. Taylor Hale responds to her fauxmance by saying Joseph Abdin isn’t on the show.

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Some houseguests are afraid of getting into a showmance because it could make them targets in the game. But Taylor saw the benefit of pretending to be on a show with Joseph in season 24.

That’s because the majority of the house was against her. They also made it an issue when she had friendly conversations with Joseph, who was liked by everyone. So getting into a showmance gave them a protection to talk. It also got some houseguests to exonerate Taylor.

Joseph ended the fauxmance and Taylor appeared hurt but accepted it. Fans were left wondering if any of their flirty moments were real. That answer came after the season. Joseph and Taylor are now officially a couple.

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Taylor looks back on the season and responds publicly on Twitter. She’s surprised by what fans of the show haven’t seen.

“I – shield/sword – face/heart didn’t do the show? Like Sway???” she asked on November 24th. The winner then tweeted, “Really confused the fauxmance didn’t make it too!”

The episodes focus on the other connections in the house, like Alyssa Snider and Kyle Capener, who were a couple. Then Taylor and Monte Taylor became close at the very end of the season before deciding they weren’t a good match.

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Joseph regularly told Taylor that she was not a shield from the remnants, but a sword. The only time you’ll hear that comment on the show is on episode 9.

Joseph gives a motivational speech for The Leftovers. “It’s hard to be that strong and people don’t get intimidated. Just because you are strong is no reason for us to test your strength,” he said.

“You are not a shield,” added the attorney. “You are part of this alliance. Everyone is part of it. That was built together.”

In the live feeds, Taylor talked a lot about what those words meant to her. She even talked about possibly getting a tattoo inspired by them. She then incorporated it into her closing speech to the jury.

“I overcame so much in this game and I understood that I’m not a shield, I’m a sword,” she said. “I’m not a victim, I’m a winner. And if there’s one word that will describe the entire season, it’s resilience. And if you’re wondering if the more resilient person has been this season, that’s me.”

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