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Bella Thorne stretches out her toned legs in a black swimsuit … two months after splitting from her fiancé

Bella Thorne showed off her impressive beach figure as she stretched her toned legs in a black swimsuit on Friday.

The beauty shared a short video with her 25.3million followers on Instagram wearing dark designer sunglasses under a red and blue bandana-style hat as she posed on a partially submerged wooden pier surrounded by aqua blue water .

The video is captioned, “Is it true… do you love it?”

The star has been enjoying a relaxing holiday in Greece with entertainment producer boyfriend Mark Emms and her omnipresent mum Tamara for the past week.

Bella’s vacation with Mark comes just two months after she split from fiancé Benjamin Mascolo.

Without naming or tagging her, B3N frontman Benjamin, 28, announced the end of their three-year romance in an Instagram post.

He began: “A little over three years ago I crossed streets with the most amazing human being. That day my life changed forever and I am deeply grateful for every single moment we have shared since then.

“It was a really humbling experience growing with her by my side. Through this person I learned what unconditional love means, something I grew up with and was only blessed by my parents and that I was not able to fully open and accept again in my adult life before I met her.

“I remember one of the first things she told me when we first started dating, something so simple but profound that it rewired the inside of my brain and soul.

‘You’re so pretty.’ No, I’m not – I said. ‘If you don’t let my compliments land, it will never work out between us.’

He added, “So I let it land because I thought I was going to do it for her, but what was for ‘her’ was actually for ‘us’ and became fundamental to ‘me’ too: for the first time, I started to believe that it was actually worth something to me.

“Through her eyes I have learned to love myself, to feel beautiful, to feel accepted by accepting myself with my countless flaws and imperfections.

“I will never be able to fully put into words what it means to be saved by someone, and I know with all my heart that every single living being will experience it at some point in their journey. Salvation.’

While the singer didn’t address the breakup online, last week she shared an Instagram story of herself in bed lamenting, “I always wake up alone.”

The breakup news came 15 months after Bella and the rocker announced their engagement.

The bride and groom appeared to be discussing their wedding plans in January but had agreed to host two ceremonies, one in Italy and one in America. The song choice for their first dance was to be Biffy Clyro’s re-arranged track from 2016.

Bella was famously in an open 19-month relationship with rapper Mod Sun when she first met Benjamin while attending the 2019 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

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