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Beckham, Odell Jr. After the Vikings game, Cowboys fans are in a rage

Odell Beckham Jr., a former Los Angeles Rams wide receiver, trains before an NFL game.


Odell Beckham Jr., a free agent wide receiver, helped the Dallas Cowboys to one of their most convincing away wins in team history. noticed, noticed.

At US Bank Field, Dallas defeated the Minnesota Vikings 40-3 in their best performance of the year against a team that was 8-1 on Sunday.

After the recent games in Minneapolis, Beckham appeared to admit on Twitter that he saw the win.

On November 20, Beckham wrote, “You’ve gone insane today [eye balls emoji]’ on social media.

Although OBJ didn’t specifically mention Dallas or any other team in his remarks, Micah Parsons’ retort gave the impression that OBJ was referring only to the impressive win.

Just minutes after Beckham’s post, Parsons replied, “Come on then!

Though the conversation ended there, it served as enough of a tease to pique the interest of Cowboys supporters in OBJ’s potential arrival.

Giants teammate OBJ is ‘missing’ and Dallas supporters react to WR

Parsons and Beckham’s interaction could offer some insight into the receiver’s free agent decision, but it could also be a false lead. Charles James II, a former NFL veteran, responded to Beckham’s tweet and asked if he would be “dancing on the star” anytime soon.

I miss @sаquon, OBJ said in a statement most Cowboys supporters don’t want to hear.

Beckham appears to be deciding between the Cowboys and the New York Giants, Heavy previously reported. This mention of giants running back to Sаquon Barkley undoubtedly lends credence to this notion.

Dallas supporters, meanwhile, responded to Beckham. Not surprisingly, the majority tried to convince the free agent to sign with the Cowboys.

We speak SB. @obj come to Dаllаs,” @FаnkieJаy_ replied.

Video game streamer and YouTuber @Cloаkzy, one of the Cowboys’ more well-known fans, even contributed to the recruiting campaign.

The streamer tweeted to OBJ, “Welcome aboard the Dallas Super Bowl train, glad you have WR1.”

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