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Barbara Meier is a mother again

In May, Barbara Meier made her pregnancy public on Instagram. Now, six months later, the baby is born.

Featuring a fun parody poster of Mr & Mrs Smith

Barbara Meier announced on Instagram in May that she was pregnant again. “Mission Baby – Part II,” the supermodel wrote on the post at the time. The nature of the announcement is reminiscent of Barbara Meier’s first pregnancy, which fans of hers similarly found out in February 2020, but the poster looked even less messy at the time.

Now her baby has been born, as the former season 2 GNTM winner announced her more than 175,000 Instagram followers. The 36-year-old posted a photo showing the hand of her first daughter and that of her newborn. You have written a text that reads as if it were written by Marie-Therese.

“My little sister Emilia Elise is here! I’m very happy that mum and Emilia are doing so well and that finally there are four of us!” Little Emilia seems to have been in the world for a few days, because the post goes on to say: “We have used the last week to get to know each other without the fuss and to settle in as a family at home.”

Marie-Therese shares her toys “already diligently” and is “fascinated by these pretty little hands”. “Looking forward to our future together! Greetings from mom and dad too!” The article also reveals what is behind the name Emilia Elise. You were inspired by their ancestors. “It’s great that we can keep such a small memory of her.”

The child’s father is the entrepreneur Klemens Hallmann. Since April 2016 it has been known that the 36-year-old and her partner, who is ten years older, are a couple. Her dream wedding in Venice followed three years later.

In 2007, Barbara Meier took part in the casting show “Germany’s Next Topmodel”. The then 21-year-old won the second season and she has been a constant in show business ever since. She is now also active as an actress. For example , the model was seen in “Army of Thieves”.

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