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Aussie moms covet ABC News breakfast presenter Tony Armstrong

Tony Armstrong has made Australia’s hearts beat faster, but his biggest fans seem to be mothers.

The ABC News Breakfast host, 33, has a loyal following among middle-aged women and the elderly thanks to his fun personality and “criminally gorgeous” looks.

A Reddit user revealed Tuesday that her 79-year-old mother giggles when she sees him on TV, and wondered if anyone else’s mother acts the same way.

“Somebody Else’s Mom Really Loves ABC TV’s Tony Armstrong? My 79-year-old mother adores him,” they said.

“One morning I was with her and he made a live connection from somewhere and I just commented that he didn’t seem to be brushing his hair.

‘Mum just giggled in delight and said, ‘Well you know how Tony is.’ Then the other day she giggled at something he did and said, “Oh, he’s crazy, that Tony.”

Other Redditors were quick to agree, writing, “Yep mom sis me and my husband… all guilty! Why can’t all the news be presented by Tony Armstrong?’

Another said: “Described to him the other day by my mum: ‘Do you know this handsome young Aboriginal man? I don’t know his name.” Like, “Yeah, say no more, Mom. I know the one. He’s doing very well, that’s for sure.”

The former AFL star has even won the hearts of straight men.

“As a straight guy, I feel comfortable saying he’s a sexy guy,” one commented.

An elderly gentleman said that while he was “not that inclined”, he could tell how “handsome” Tony was and suggested a mother wouldn’t be a “true blue Aussie” if she wasn’t “into him”. .

The original poster also managed to round up some new fans.

“I had never heard of him, so I had a Google. Criminally beautiful. Make him stop,” someone posted on the thread.

Tony rose to fame on the football field playing for the Adelaide Crows, Sydney Swans and Collingwood Magpies between 2010 and 2015.

He turned his career around in 2020 when he joined ABC as a sports host and commentator for Grandstand AFL and the host of the Offsiders summer series.

In June he won the Silver Logie for Best New Talent.

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