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Ashley Darby shares her ex Michael’s thoughts on her current romance

Ashley Darby’s separation from Michael Darby and divorce proceedings are currently airing on Season 7 of “The Real Housewives of Potomac,” but off-screen, the mother-of-two gets to know another Bravo star, Luke Gulbranson.

Gulbranson, 38, couldn’t be more different from Michael Darby, 63, and the RHOP star recently revealed what her ex thinks of her new romantic interest. “Michael has been seeing Luke,” she told Page Six’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast, explaining that her ex first saw Gulbranson in the viral photo of their date at the Washington Capitals hockey game a few weekends ago .

While Darby said that she and Gulbranson weren’t sure about taking the photo in the first place because they wanted to keep their date a little private, they finally decided “why not” and took the photo. She was asked what Michael Darby thought of the photo and replied, “It’s probably not his wallpaper on his phone, that’s for sure.”

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That said, Darby added that her ex-husband is also “living his best life” after their split. She told the “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast hosts that her former partner is an “attractive guy” and despite being older, has a successful business and an engaging personality.

“So Michael, even though this is a tough time for him too – as he’s told me – he’s doing his thing, he’s floating like a butterfly,” she shared.

As for where they are now, the RHOP star indicated that their communication is only about their two children and co-parenting. She described her ex as “very wary” so any kind of friendship is off the table for now.

During the same podcast appearance, Darby talked about meeting Gulbranson at BravoCon and her first impressions of the “Summer House” and “Winter House” star. She candidly revealed that before she knew anything about him, she was worried “is he just going to be such a nice jerk?”

The RHOP star said that’s when she learned he’s a “very compassionate, kind guy”. Darby praised Gulbranson’s “many layers” and also revealed that he is good at giving advice. Another bonus, she explained, was his background as a Bravo star, as it felt “refreshing” to date someone who understood that aspect of her life.

She explained that she first realized their connection might be something more when the two attended the Bravo After Dark party at BravoCon and saw Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras play live. Darby expressed that they really got “wrapped up” in the music and sang together and said it felt “surreal” like it was “preordained”.

She said that’s when she realized that “this is a little more than I thought it was going to be.” Despite this, the Bravolebrity clarified that their romance is still very new and she wants to start building a strong friendship with the Minnesota native.

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