Monday, October 3, 2022

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Arsenio Hall’s Los Angeles home has been broken into TWICE in the past few weeks

Arsenio Hall suffered a scary burglary at his Los Angeles home on Saturday while he was still inside.

But Los Angeles Police Department sources revealed the 66-year-old comedian broke into his home back in August, according to TMZ. has reached out to a Hall representative to request comment.

The close proximity of the break-ins has led to detectives trying to determine that the Coming To America actor may have been targeted by burglars.

The last attempt to break into the house was quite brazen and took place around 11am on Saturday morning

After hearing a loud noise, Hall rushed down the stairs and discovered broken glass on a sliding door.

It is not clear if he saw the attempted intruder or if they fled before he arrived.

But an earlier attempt in August appears to have been even more serious.

According to police sources, two people smashed a window at the back of the house and were apparently able to enter.

Hall was home too, although the time of day of the break-in was noted.

The burglars eventually fled the scene before taking anything, possibly because they realized the home was currently occupied.

Police were called and responded to both break-ins, but were unable to locate any of the suspects before they fled the area.

Detectives are now combing through security camera footage taken from both Hall’s property and cameras in the neighborhood in hopes of identifying the burglars.

They are also investigating whether the suspects in the two burglaries may have been the same people who targeted the actor and talk show host.

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