Friday, September 30, 2022

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Are Meghan and Harry reconciling with the royal family soon? These gestures that give a little hope

The United Kingdom is currently being turned upside down by the death of Queen Elizabeth II, who died on September 8th aged 96, and members of her family are trying to adapt as best they can to this new chapter in British history adjust monarchy. Charles is now effectively King of England and his family’s titles have apparently been redistributed. Prince Harry and his husband Meghan Markle have traveled from the United States in particular to pay tribute to the late monarch and while the tensions that have raged between the couple and the rest of the Windsor clan are still being talked about, some believe that a ceasefire could soon take place.

In fact, Meghan was welcomed with open arms by most Britons, despite the inflammatory headlines that marked her few years in the UK. A slightly warmer atmosphere has also been noticed between the former actress and her in-laws, but it should still be noted that the Duchess has not yet been spotted chatting with William or Kate. However, King Charles showed her his affection during his first speech as monarch. Will Meghan and Harry return to the UK soon and mend their relationship with the Windsors?

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