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Ana de Armas shows off her legs at the San Sebastian Film Festival

Ana de Armas showed off her leggy legs at the 70th San Sebastian Film Festival 2022 in Spain on Friday.

The 34-year-old actress exuded glamor as she walked the red carpet in a Louis Vuitton ensemble.

Ana looked in high spirits as she strutted her stuff before putting up a storm for the cameras.

Ana proved less is more in her classically elegant white dress that offered a glimpse of her tanned and toned pins.

The brunette beauty added a contrasting black patent handbag and a pair of heeled boots.

She finished off the look by styling her glossy auburn locks in loose waves that framed her pretty features.

It comes after Ana said it was “disgusting” that the nudity from her highly anticipated Marilyn Monroe biopic Blonde – which is rated NC-17 – is set to go viral on the internet.

The Cuban-Spanish actress appeared in Variety magazine, where she spoke candidly about how she’ll react once clips of her nude body go around the world.

Bringing up the subject unprompted, Ana stressed that context is important as she said, “I know what’s going to go viral.

“And it’s disgusting. It’s annoying just thinking about it. I can’t control it; They can’t really control what they do and how they take things out of context. I don’t think I thought about it; it just gave me bad taste thinking about the future of these clips.’

Many of the reviews of the highly anticipated flick commented on how far director Andrew Dominik took Marilyn’s story into the depths of despair.

Ana commented, “I did things in this film that I would never have done for anyone else. I did it for her and I did it for Andrew.’

The talented actress was so immersed in the role of the icon that she had a hard time leaving the character behind when she flew to London to film the James Bond film No Time To Die, to a day after to play her character Paloma in Blonde’s wrap, explaining, “I couldn’t say goodbye.

“I couldn’t shake it. I couldn’t let her go. I’ve visited her cemetery a couple of times – I would have loved to go again.”

As a result, Ana thinks there’s some Marilyn in her James Bond character as she said: “Now if you think about Paloma. I’m sure there’s some Marilyn in there.

‘There is! Her energy and her charm and that thing where she was lit from within — Paloma stole a little bit from her.”

The film, which was rated NC-17, explores the actress’ history of abuse at the hands of powerful men and her descent into substance abuse.

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