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Ana de Armas reveals her dog Elvis played Marilyn Monroe’s puppy in Blonde’s biopic coming to Netflix

Ana de Armas revealed that her dog Elvis was used to play Marilyn Monroe’s pooch while promoting the biopic Blonde on Late Night With Seth Meyers on Tuesday.

The 34-year-old Cuban actress was asked by Seth, 48, about a “dramatic scene involving a dog” in director Andrew Dominik’s film, 54.

“When I look at it, I don’t know what to feel because of course it’s a very serious, important scene in the film. And at the same time, I just look at him and melt,” Ana said.

Seth then showed side by side photos of Marilyn with her dog and Ana in the role with her real dog.

“This is Elvis. That’s my dog,’ Ana said proudly.

Seth asked when it became clear that Elvis was the perfect dog for the role.

“Did Elvis get shot in the head in the nose one day?” Seth quipped.

Ana noticed that Frank Sinatra gave Marilyn the dog.

“The dog’s name is obviously Mafia,” Ana said, laughing.

“We found that out and Andrew, like the great visionary he saw, I looked like Marilyn Monroe. Obviously he saw that Elvis was perfect for Mafia. And he was the one, he came up with the idea, we need Elvis in the movie,” Ana said.

Seth asked if Ana was stressed knowing the crew relied on Elvis.

“Well, he was only in two scenes. One who didn’t make it,’ Ana replied.

“Did you have to teach him?” Seth joked.

Ana said Elvis was “very good”.

“He’s 13, so he was on set with me,” Ana said.

Seth also noted that the film’s slower pace made it seem like she wasn’t rushed in her performance.

‘Well, that didn’t happen. I was actually in quite a hurry. We had no money. We didn’t have time for the film,” Ana said.

‘Well, they had to use your dog. That’s an absolute clue,” Seth joked.

“Pretty much,” Ana said, laughing.

“That’s fascinating to hear. It’s such a beautiful movie. You know, so credit to everyone involved, because you’d never look at it and be like, “Oh, they definitely cut the rough edges.” It’s great,” Seth said.

‘Many Thanks. Andrew is an amazing director, he’s very thoughtful and very respectful and he was passionate about this story. And he, you know, he took it very seriously. He’s very detailed and perfectionist, and so am I,” Ana said.

Blonde had its world premiere earlier this month at the 79th Venice International Film Festival and began a limited theatrical run in the US on Friday.

The NC-17 rated film will be released on Netflix on September 28th.

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