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An upcoming “And Just Like That” outfit marks a first in franchise history

Sex and the City Fans first met Carrie Bradshaw in 1998. The series was known for both its provocative discussions about sex and its fashion. Across six seasons, two movies, and an HBO Max reboot, Carrie has worn many interesting outfits. She has used scarves as bandanas and once even wore a belt around her bare waist. In the 20+ years since the character’s inception, there’s one thing she hasn’t done. Carrie has never dressed in one color from head to toe. This series will end when Season 2 of And just like that… premieres.

Carrie Bradshaw will wear a solid color outfit for the first time in season 2 of And just like that… At least it will if recent photos from the set make it into an episode. On October 10, photographers spotted Sarah Jessica Parker looking pretty in pink in New York City. Parker and castmate Ivan Hernandez were spotted filming scenes And just like that…. Season 2. Hernandez reprises his role as Carrie’s sex podcast producer, Franklyn.

Parker, dressed as Carrie Bradshaw, donned a fuchsia dress. The show’s costume designer completed the look with a fuchsia handbag and heels. According to the official Instagram account for the show’s costumes, the dress and handbag are vintage pieces. Still, the matchy-matchy look shocked fans.

While this is the first time in her history that Carrie has rocked a monochromatic outfit, it’s not all that strange. Sure, it’s an interesting choice for Carrie, but it makes sense given how dialed in the fashion world the famous character is. Remember, this is the woman who once said she bought issues of Vogue instead of groceries when she first arrived in New York because she felt it “made her more nourishing.”

Approached from this angle, her all-pink outfit is perfect in character because it follows an existing trend. All pink is very trendy. Valentino’s latest all-pink collection is sure to turn heads. Zendaya and Sir Lewis Hamilton appear in a Valentino ad campaign where they are dressed head-to-toe in pink. Lizzo, Billy Porter and Chrissy Teigen all showed up at the recent events in monochromatic pink outfits and looked amazing doing it.

When Valentino leads a monochromatic move, it makes sense that he could pull it off And just like that…Valentino has created at least one look for Season 2 of the famous reboot. Footage of Nicole Ari Parker in a gorgeous red Valentino dress was shared on the show’s official Instagram. Nicole Ari Parker portrays Lisa Todd Wexley in the Sex and the City reboot.

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