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‘American Idol’ star Fritz Hager now: artist offers new music update

“American Idol” fan-favorite contestant Fritz Hager has spent his time since season 20 of the show creating new music and playing shows across the country.

Hager reached the top five of “American Idol” in 2022, leveraging his soulful connection with fans and his original lyrics and songs in some cases, to nearly make it to the final.

Fans were heartbroken when they saw Fritz being voted out, with many saying he was “robbed” of a place in the finals, but he hasn’t stopped giving substance since.

He was able to perform in his hometown of Tyler, Texas, on Saturday, October 9, 2022, and he opened for his home newspaper the Tyler Morning Telegraph about what it was like to come full circle.

He performed at the Rose City Music Festival in Tyler, which also featured Cow Wetzel and Nelly.

“It was so dope,” he told the outlet. “Both of them have been making music for a while, just like Nelly, he’s been in the game for a long time and he’s still on it, and Koe is kind of at the forefront of where country music is now, so it was really, really cool to play with them on that stage.”

Hager hopes to release his new song “Caroline” soon, but he also offers parts of his body as a canvas to get fans to pre-save the song.

“‘Caroline’ is sort of the lead single for hopefully an EP and an album to come in the future,” he said. “I don’t have a set release date for it yet, but we’re hoping to get it out before Thanksgiving. I just wrote a lot and tried to build this project and new music, which I’m excited about.”

Hager plans to release his first single post-show, and he has shared snippets of it on Instagram and TikTok. The single is titled ‘Caroline’.

“It must have been a long night drinking / waking up to a different ceiling / my clothes are on the floor / from the couch to your front door,” Hager sings in the intro to the song.

Hager posted a comedic video about his “reaction when he first heard my music on the radio!!”

In the video, Hager appears to be listening to the radio when he hears a presenter say he walked into the studio with $3 and demanded that his song be played.

“Welcome back Tyler Texas, this next performer is a local,” the voice says. “Fritz Hager. He came by earlier to drop off his demo, he gave us a box of expired hotpot, he came in with $3 and change, a CD labeled ‘Sad Girls’, and told me if I played his demo, he my license would forget record number. Anyway, here’s Fritz on Mix 93.1.”

Hager has also promised to get a tattoo for every 15,000 pre-saves he gets for the song.

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