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Amazing performance of Angela Lansbury Mrs. Potts shared by fans in her honor

In honor of acclaimed actress Angela Lansbury, who died Tuesday at the age of 96, fans are sharing a 2016 live performance of the Disney animation’s titular song The beauty and the Beast.

the Video resurfaced on Twitter, shared by actor Rob Madge. They wrote, “I still think of that performance by Angela Lansbury. Sublime in its simplicity. She provided the soundtrack to so many childhoods. Her storytelling was second to none. Rest well, Mrs. Potts.”

The clip is taken from the film’s 25th anniversary screening at Lincoln Center in New York City. Lansbury is flanked by actors dressed as the protagonists of the film, Beauty and the Beast, and backed by composer Alan Menken on the piano.

Lansbury played fan-favorite character Mrs. Potts in the film, the kitchen chef who had been turned into a teapot by the curse placed on the Beast’s castle by an enchantress. Lansbury referenced Ms Potts’ son Chip at the end of the performance. Chip was turned into a teacup in the film.

“Run and get in the closet, Chip,” she says in the clip, echoing her lines in the film to cheers. “The time you were in bed; Goodnight My Love. »

In a 2007 interview with the American Film Institute, Lansbury said Ms. Potts had changed the way children saw her.

“You can imagine what a thrill it was for me to be hailed as an adorable little singing teapot after years of playing some pretty despicable characters,” she said at the time. “I mean, kids weren’t hiding behind their mothers’ skirts anymore when I walked in and they approached me in the supermarket aisles. Whispering, ‘Mom, it’s Mrs. Potts!’ You know, I was suddenly a hero!”

In the same interview, Lansbury mentioned that the song “Beauty and the Beast” was the reason she got the role.

“This song is very very dear to my heart, as you can imagine. The first time I heard this song was a demo – I’m sure you know what it is – from the composers, Alan Menken and Howard Ashman It came with a lovely little note and the question, would I like to sing this song and play the character of the little teapot in this movie.

“But I wasn’t sure I could really do it justice. It wasn’t the kind written in the style I was used to, coming from Broadway. But they persisted and said, ‘Well, you sing just how you would imagine that little person would sound, and then we’ll decide based on that”, so I did exactly that. And I sent back my demo of the song and that was it. Mrs. Potts was born “, she said.

And seeing Lansbury’s performance again thrilled many on Twitter.

“It made me cry then. And now,” wrote composer Leighton James House.

“Thank you for sharing this – such a beautiful and exceptional performance that always brings tears to my eyes. Such an exceptional and incredible person,” wrote Marc McKenna-Coles, Head of Inclusion and Diversity at EasyJet .

“I cry every time I see this performance…it’s like my grandma comes to visit me,” Twitter user NJ Kerley wrote.

Pleasemynews has contacted Madge for further comment.

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