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Ally Langdon was snubbed about Grimshaw by her Today Show castmates

Ally Langdon was hilariously ripped off by her Today Show peers on Friday after being snubbed by Tracy Grimshaw this week.

Brooke Boney, Karl Stefanovic and Alex Cullen poked fun at the moment Tracy ignored Ally’s hug attempt by over-the-top mimicking the incident.

‘Everybody hug Ally!’ Karl said before he, Brooke and Alex deliberately turned their backs on the blonde.

Brooke then burst out laughing as Ally pretended to sob.

Today Extra’s David Campbell and Sylvia Jeffreys also laughed as they watched everything slide off their desk.

“Big hugs to Ally!” said Sylvia as she hugged the air in front of her.

An awkward interaction between Grimshaw and her rumored A Current Affair replacement, Ally, went viral this week.

Grimshaw ended her 17-year run as the show’s host on Thursday night and was greeted with applause, hugs and well wishes from her Channel Nine colleagues as she left the ACA studio for the very last time.

Footage of their farewell shows Grimshaw walking through an honor guard, and when Langdon comes in to hug her, she appears to refuse the hug.

After hugging several employees, including Karl Stefanovic and Peter Overton, Grimshaw walked past Langdon, who had her arms outstretched in a hug.

But Grimshaw viciously brushed against her and appeared to shake his head before hugging Stefanovic.

Speaking on the Today Show on Friday morning, Langdon addressed the awkward moment and admitted she “didn’t get much sleep” after the incident.

“This breaks my heart,” Langdon said while watching the clip.

‘I am devastated. I mean, I turned to you at the time and said, “Tracy Grimshaw just brushed me.” When you get brushed by your hero I have to say it hurts.”

Stefanovic said Grimshaw wrote a statement apologizing to Langdon for snubbing her in the honor guard.

“Ally, I was just watching last night’s honor guard and saw you go in to hug me,” Grimshaw said in her statement.

“And I hugged the damn Karl! I’m sorry I missed you. I was so overwhelmed and obviously didn’t see your petite head when his big booby popped into view. Great excuse.’

‘Aha relief!’ Stefanovic sighed and described the moment as one of “the biggest snubs on Australian television”.

Langdon is high on the list to replace Grimshaw as the show’s host and Nine is expected to make an announcement next week.

Kyle Sandilands appeared to confirm Langdon will replace Grimshaw during an interview with the longtime host on Wednesday.

Speaking to Grimshaw on his KIIS FM radio show, the shock jock said he knew it was the Today Show host.

Kyle claimed he had a private conversation with Langdon’s Today Show co-host Karl Stefanovic, who asked him for advice on a possible replacement for her.

“I feel like I know because I spoke to him [Karl] Stefanovic,” he told Grimshaw after grilling her on the subject of her replacement.

“Well, let me just tell everyone it’s Ally. I have no intention of bursting the Channel Nine bubble.”

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