Friday, December 2, 2022

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allegations of plagiarism "1899" – Operators express themselves

A new German production started on Netflix last week. Now an author and illustrator accuses the creators of “1899” of copying them.

Brazilian comic writer Mary Cagnin complains

Twitter that the German series ‘1899’ is “just identical to my comic ‘Black Silence’ which was published in 2016”. He mentions different plot elements and compares the format to his own work.

Then he writes that there is a black pyramid in the series and in the comic, dead people on a ship, a multinational crew, things and symbols that are inexplicable in people’s eyes.

Cagnin continues to write that he cried a lot. “My dream has always been to be recognized nationally and internationally for my work. And to see something like this really breaks my heart.” In another tweet, the artist explains that he has taken legal action.

The creators of ‘1899’ Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, who are also responsible for the hit series ‘Dark’, are now rejecting the plagiarism allegations. “Unfortunately we don’t know the artist. Not even his work or his comic,” explains director Odar on Instagram. “We would never steal from other artists as we consider ourselves artists. We have contacted you and hope you withdraw these allegations. The internet has become a strange place.”

The new series started on November 17th. In eight episodes, “1899” recounts the mysterious events that took place during the journey of the “Kerberos” from London to New York towards the end of the 19th century. Plagiarism allegations are now overshadowing the show’s success: “1899” cracked the Netflix top ten in 90 countries in its first four days.

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