Monday, October 3, 2022

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Alex Jones Calls Judge ‘Bullying’ For Ordering Him To Enter Plea

Alex Jones recently stopped outside a Connecticut courthouse to tell the media that he thinks Judge Barbara Bellis is a “bully” for ordering him to plead guilty. Jones is on trial for the second time as lawyers discuss how much he owes in damages to the families of victims at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Jones, the owner of far-right conspiracy theory website Infowars, is on trial again over his claims that the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a hoax. The families of eight of the 26 Sandy Hook victims and an FBI agent are suing Jones for emotional harm caused by his claims about the shooting. At his first trial, Jones was found guilty of causing emotional harm by default for failing to provide financial and analytical data repeatedly requested. The second lawsuit will examine how much Jones owes in damages since he has already been found liable. According to ABC News, Bellis told Jones’ legal team that since the requested documents had not been provided, the attorneys could not claim that Jones had not taken advantage of his remarks during the second trial.

According to a Video posted on Twitter, Jones said Bellis ordered him to plead guilty last week during court proceedings.

“This commands me to perjure myself,” Jones said. “I will not perjure myself under the orders of a judge.

“This judge is a tyrant,” he added. “This judge is ordering me to say I’m guilty and say I’m a liar. None of that is true. I didn’t mean wrong about Sandy Hook on purpose. I questioned him . , and I question every major event we see.”

Jones claimed his team provided the requested documents and that prosecutors “didn’t have a case, so they must have defaulted on me.”

In the video, Jones refers to an “industry” of attorneys surrounding the families of Sandy Hook victims. He said they were targeting the Second Amendment when they sued Remington in July for responsibility in the Sandy Hook shooting. Now Jones has accused lawyers of targeting his free speech.

Jones compared the judge’s actions to “Communist China” or “South Africa.”

“This is serious tyranny,” Jones said. “I apologized for things I’ve said in the past that hurt people’s feelings. I wasn’t the first person to interview Sandy Hook, and I apologized years ago.”

Jones said in a criminal trial that even someone found “with dead bodies” could claim they were innocent.

“I’m told I have to say I’m guilty because they’ve failed me before,” he said. “It’s the murder of American justice. It’s extremely dangerous. And it’s the justice system that’s on trial. They’re using these families for that.”

Jones criticized prosecutors for using his name to raise money for gun control organizations who are now “openly launching” an anti-free speech operation.

Jones’ second trial is expected to last four weeks. It all started on September 13.

Pleasemynews has contacted Infowars for comment.

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