Friday, December 9, 2022

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After the allegations of censorship: ZDF now let the criticism of the AfD on the TV show

On Sunday, ZDF showed a program that caused a stir later on. A statement on the AfD was cut by the issuer. Now they have reacted in Mainz.

In fact, it all seems harmless. On 9 October, the Opus Klassik, one of the most important German music awards of its kind, will be presented. Actress Désirée Nosbusch moderates the gala event in the Konzerthaus

Berlin, stars from all areas sit in the hall, applaud, cheer.

There is also applause and laughter to the point where the following phrase falls into a praise for the pianist Igor Levit: “I would like to end this praise, simply to make Igor Levit happy, with a message to all anti-Semites, racists, anti-feminists and AfD sympathizers in front of televisions: you are perfect idiots! ” The musician Danger Dan concludes his speech with these words. The applause breaks out.

However, some of this talk is not included in the 122-minute version of the telecast. The camera perspective changes and the “AfD sympathizers” are not felt. The complete sentence of Danger Dan has only been cleaned up by this short passage, only the reference to the AfD is no longer included. Two versions of the event are now making the rounds on Twitter, among others, thus revealing the censorship of ZDF.

In the following version, the “AfD sympathizers” cannot be heard. It also corresponds to the program content, which can still be seen in the ZDF media library as “Opus Klassik 2022”.

Igor Levit himself spread via Twitter the version in which the “AfD sympathizers” appear in Danger Dan’s eulogy. Here it is:

At the request of t-online, a spokesperson for the ZDF said Tuesday afternoon: “An error has occurred under the pressure of time that will be corrected.” Quite a surprising statement, since the program is available in the broadcaster’s media library for two days from 9 October. Igor Levit shared the original version of the gala on Twitter at 1pm on Monday.

Furthermore, a cut is clearly seen in the version apparently subsequently revised by ZDF. The change in camera perspective is a clear clue. The broadcaster has not yet commented on further inquiries on the subject.

Update from 12/10/2022: But the ZDF actually reacts, puts the scene back into the picture in its entirety and uncut. As of this morning, the passage in question is suddenly back online. Seen here from 01:00:53 minute.

The Opus Klassik is the successor of the Echo Klassik, which was awarded as a jury prize until 2017. But the award was halted on April 25, 2018 by the Federal Music Industry Association after the Echo was “perceived as a platform for anti-Semitism, misogyny, homophobia or the minimization of violence “during an award for rappers Kollegah and Farid Bang.

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