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After 54 years: this is how the original “Barbarella” looks today.

In the late 1960s, the science fiction film made Jane Fonda a superstar and a sex symbol. Now an “Euphoria” actress slips into the cult role.

French artist Jean-Claude Forest caused a sensation in the early 1960s with his comics about the space agent Barbarella. Because her heroine title fascinated above all with her charm, which she skillfully used to seduce, and she was repeatedly involved in erotic adventures.

The world of cinema quickly became aware of the history of the 41st century. Director Roger Vadim finally took him to the cinema in 1968, with then-wife Jane Fonda in the lead role. “Barbarella” made the young actress a famous sex symbol and attracted a lot of attention

hollywood uno Today Jane Fonda is one of the most famous actresses in the world and, at nearly 85, is still successful in front of the camera. In our presentation you can see how Jane Fonda has changed over the years.

Now Sony is bringing back the cult film. As reported by the trade magazine “The Hollywood Reporter”, there will be a new edition of “Barbarella”. And the main actress has already been decided: Sydney Sweeney will slip into the role of the space agent. The 25-year-old has already confirmed this with an Instagram post from the comic heroine, to which she wrote: “It’s time to save the universe.”

Sweeney has been on camera since 2009 and has made a name for himself primarily with series roles. He celebrated his final breakthrough only ten years later with HBO’s hit “Euphoria”. Since 2019 she plays the role of high school student Cassie Howard. With “The White Lotus” she recently appeared in another successful series. Both of her roles earned her an Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Now Sydney Sweeney has landed her first starring role in a smash hit with “Barbarella”. She will also act as a producer during the shoot. Not much else is known about the new edition of the cult film. According to “The Hollywood Reporter”, the project is at a very early stage and has neither a writer nor a director on board. The release date has also not yet been set.

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