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“Adventures Below Deck” is in “Waters They Don’t Know About,” Below Deck’s Captain Lee shadows the new series

Captain Lee Rosbach, who launched the original Under deck series, shaded the new series Adventure below deck, mainly towards the production company Shed Media.

Adventure below deck is the first iteration of the Under deck Franchise produced by another production company. The production company 51 Minds put the original on the market Under deck and its offshoots Below deck Mediterranean, Sailing yacht below deckand last Below Deck Down Under.

And while Adventure below deck is derived from the same premise, Rosbach and earlier Below deck Mediterranean Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier said it’s obvious the new series isn’t from the original production company.

Rosbach said 51 Minds had filming Under deck up to a science. “51 Minds, to their credit, really developed it to where we got it, not what I call plug and play, but we know what we’re doing with the boats,” he said of Ferrier Dear reality, you are upset podcast.

“We know what it takes to get a boat and we know how to deal with owners. We know how to deal with places and where to put the boat, dock and all those things because we’ve all made mistakes in 10 years,” he said.

“And so we pioneered all of this and now we know. I guess we’ve completed our training,” he continued. “Yes, we earned our stripes. We know what we’re doing. And if you then bring a new production company into play, I have to consider that [they thought], ‘These guys, we could do better. We can do better than that, we can do all of this.” And then they get in and they’re like, ‘Jesus Christ, what the hell have we gotten into?’”

Rosbach wondered if Adventure below deck Producers bit off more than they could chew. “And they have no idea,” he said. “Because, as you know, everyone else is involved Under deck knows the yachting community is a tough world. It really is. So if you jump in with both feet, you’d better put your fins on. It gets ugly fast if you don’t.”

Rosbach admitted he didn’t see it Adventure below deck but met Captain Kerry Titheradge. Ferrier watched a few episodes and said the difference between the production of 51 Minds and Shed Media was obvious. “You can see where the little slips are at the beginning,” she said.

“They are in waters, no pun intended, that they had no idea about,” Rosbach added. “And I haven’t received a contact call. And I don’t know anyone in my realm who has received a call like, ‘How do we deal with this? Or ‘How do we deal with this?’ Or ‘How do we choose a ship?’”

said Roesbach Under deck doesn’t exactly compete with Adventure below deck but it would have been nice to have been called. He’s also not sure about all spin-offs in general.

“It’s flattering that so many things have changed since Season 1 of Under deck,” he said. “Sometimes I wonder if maybe we’re not oversaturated, and I hope not. Because we’re on Bravo and there are only so many slots available to share with the housewives and other Bravo shows.”

“So all of our other franchises, where do you want to put them?” asked Rosbach. “You know, that’s way outside my wheelhouse. But I really hope that doesn’t happen. And should it happen, I hope the network managers realize that they might have to call back some things. Maybe not. Maybe put it on another platform we have several available.”

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