Thursday, December 1, 2022

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ACA’s Tracy Grimshaw reveals her biggest regret – as she admits the show ‘wasn’t always right’

A tearful Tracy Grimshaw thanked Australians for supporting A Current Affair on Thursday night as she ended her 17-year run as a presenter on the show.

In an emotional farewell speech, the TV veteran openly admitted the show hasn’t always hit the mark — and revealed her hatred of “bra stories.”

“Well, we haven’t always done it right over the years,” she said.

“A few years ago we fell in love with bra stories… Yeah, that knocks you out for a second.”

Tracy continued, “I hated her. And now we don’t do bra stories anymore. It was a struggle to stop the power going to my head.’

The 62-year-old also recalled that when she started at ACA, bosses “didn’t like interviews longer than four minutes” because they thought viewers at home would be “bored.”

“Now look at us. Interviews can run the entire show because you’ve told us you like that,” she added. ‘Thank you for looking. You let me indulge my own love of chat.’

Tracy has been honored by celebrities and ordinary Aussies who her show has helped over the years, with her replacement yet to be announced.

The veteran presenter, who has interviewed the likes of Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, Celine Dion and Sharon Stone over her 40-year career, received a bouquet of flowers as she told viewers they would find out “soon” who would take her place.

“I’m terrible at the GB word, you know, the word that ends in ‘bye’ and starts with ‘good’ because I’m going to blubber and you all know that’s not going to be pretty,” she said.

Tracy then paid tribute to the entire Channel Nine team and gave a special shout out to ‘Daria’ who she said has done her auto-cue since her days on the Today Show.

A number of high-profile Australians paid tribute to Grimshaw, and her peers praised her journalistic skills and ability to connect with everyday Australians.

Anthony Albanese, Hamish and Andy, Kyle Sandilands, Ita Buttrose, John Howard, Ray Hadley and Leigh Sales were just a few of the familiar faces.

Mr Albanese questioned if Australian television would ever be the same again, while Kyle applauded Sandiland’s Grimshaw for always reassuring her guests.

During her final episode, Grimshaw spoke to flood victims in Eugowra, in the west-central New South Wales town of Eugowra, who received a $50,000 donation from Coles live on air.

The show took a trip down memory lane, returning to some of Grimshaw’s most notable interviews, including Sue and Lloyd Clarke – the parents of domestic abuse victim Hannah Clarke – the Irwin family and Olivia Newton John.

Grimshaw’s emotional farewell comes just weeks after the former Today presenter arrived in Melbourne to film her “very special hometown episode” which aired last week.

In September, the veteran presenter announced she was leaving A Current Affair and later revealed she plans to take a year off to improve her work-life balance.

“Normally we would tell you now what to expect tomorrow night, but lately I’ve been thinking longer term personally and I have some news I wanted you to hear from me before you hear it from anyone else. ” she told viewers.

“I’ve decided to wrap up this year with A Current Affair.”

“It was a big decision and before the gossip sites start telling you nonsense I want you to know that it was my decision and I will not be pushed out the door by the boys’ club for being too old,” she added.

While Nine hasn’t made any announcement about ACA’s new host, it’s believed the network is only considering candidates from its own ranks.

Today, the show’s host, Allison Langdon, has emerged as a top contender for the role.

Ally, who first joined Today in early 2020, is said to be keen to move to ACA because of the easier work schedules as a working mom.

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