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A woman from Lausanne is the subject of a film shot during the Fête des Vignerons

In this fantastic family story, Colombine goes in search of her father and her adventure takes her to the middle of the wine festival. It is the young Eléa Dupuis from Lausanne who plays him in her first role in the cinema.

Colombina is 13 years old. She has never known her father and is in a conflict situation with her mother. She then decides to go in search of him, thanks to a journey through time that will take her to the heart of the prestigious spectacle of the Fête des Vignerons.

This Vaud fantasy story, directed by Dominque Othenin-Girard, has been in French-speaking cinemas for a few days. Around Marie Fontannaz, Jean Aloïs Belbachir, Yvette Théraulaz (and even Cuche and Barbezat in Securitas), it is the young Eléa Dupuis who embodies Colombine in this film of the same name. The woman from Lausanne, 12 years old during the shooting, found herself in the middle of this project by accident:

Eléa Dupuis lived her first film shoot with this project. A rather unusual experience as it was filmed during the prestigious Fête veveysanne.

In the middle of the festival, some sequences had to be shot in one take, others late at night. How did the young man from Lausanne cope with this shoot?

Eléa Dupuis, who is now 15, recognizes that the character she impersonated in this project brought her a lot:

Watch the film trailer here columbinecurrently running in French-language cinemas.

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