Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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A man allegedly strangled newborn babies until they were "blue" in the attack on the hospital

A man has been arrested and charged with assaulting infants, staff and police at Odessa Regional Medical Hospital in Texas.

According to a police report obtained by Pleasemynews, on October 3, Marcus McCowan was discovered to have suffocated infants in the newborn intensive care unit (NICU). He also shoved a nurse and resisted officers who responded to the scene. At one point, police said McCowan took an officer’s service pistol.

Attempted capital murder, assault on a public official and possession of a controlled substance are among the charges against McCowan.

According to the Texas criminal code, capital murder can involve a number of different scenarios.

It can be someone who intentionally commits murder while committing or attempting to commit other crimes, including kidnapping, burglary, or robbery.

According to the report, officers were called to hospital following a report of a man suffocating infants in the NICU.

When officers found McCowan and began handcuffing him, he reportedly started shooting and pushing back. After being taken into custody, an officer found a THC vape pen, but during the search McCowan allegedly reached out to try and take the officer’s gun from its service holster, although he did not successful.

He also allegedly tried to take the gun again while they were in the elevator, but was unsuccessful.

Officers said they learned McCowan was in the hospital because his girlfriend was in labor, but he approached the nurses’ station and made “unwanted physical contact” with a nurse.

“He grabbed his left arm with firm pressure and made an unintelligible statement,” the report said. “The nurse in charge got Marcus out of the area at that time.”

A nurse saw McCowan running down the hall.

Another nurse said she later saw McCowan approach the mother of a newborn baby who was holding her child in a carrier, but the mother pushed the carrier away.

He left the area for a brief moment but returned, screaming and screaming.

“He loaded the three females and attempted to enter the nursery which was secured behind a locked door,” the report said.

He then allegedly shoved a nurse, who fell to the ground.

A nurse said she saw McCowan try to pull the baby out of the carrier before he began to “manually strangle” him while buckled in the carrier.

Police said the baby’s skin began to change color, but nurses managed to separate the baby from McCowan.

McCowan then allegedly ran into the nursery and a nurse said she found him reaching for another bed occupied by a newborn and began strangling him. The nurse said she saw the baby’s face turn red and his lips turn blue.

“Marcus picked up [baby’s name redacted] neck and began shaking her,” the report said.”[The nurse] recalled that Marcus had said ‘die’ while committing an act obviously dangerous for [baby’s name redacted]that’s life.”

The nurse placed her hand on the back of the baby’s head while trying to get McCowan to release her grip around the baby’s neck.

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