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A Controversial Twist Won’t Return for ‘Survivor 43’

“Survivor” is back! Season 43 begins with a two-hour premiere on Wednesday, September 21 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on CBS. On Wednesday, 18 new castaways will be dropped on Fiji’s Mamanuca Islands in hopes of winning the $1 million top prize.

Ahead of the premiere, host Jeff Probst spoke to Entertainment Weekly about what fans can expect from Season 43 and revealed that one controversial twist would not return.

Here’s what you need to know:

In a September interview with Entertainment Weekly, Probst said the Hourglass twist, which first appeared in Season 41, would be retired.

The Hourglass twist, also known as the Change History twist, got a reaction from fans who felt the twist gave a player an unfair advantage.

The twist first appeared in “Survivor 41” just before the merger. Probst told the castaways that they had to earn their way to the merger by participating in a challenge.

The players were divided into two groups of five. A random draw determined the teams. Two players, Naseer Muttalif and Erika Casupanan, got the short end of the stick and had to sit out the challenge. After the challenge, the winning team got to choose Naseer or Erika to join their team, thus guaranteeing the player’s immunity. The winning team chose Naseer and Erika was sent to Exile Island.

But here the twist got complicated. Probst appeared on Exile Island and offered Erika a choice. He told her she could keep the game as it is, or she could crush the hourglass and reverse the outcome of the challenge. If she chose to break the hourglass, she and the losing team would gain immunity when they merge and the winning team would now have to compete in an individual immunity challenge. Erika chose to smash the hourglass.

The controversial twist caused a stir on social media. Fans voiced their thoughts on social media, calling on Probst and the “Survivor” producers for creating an unfair spin.

The twist returned in Season 42, but this time Probst informed the players in advance that the castaway sent to the island in exile would be given an advantage.

Despite the adjustment, fans were still unimpressed.

Probst spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the backlash and the decision to get rid of the twist.

“I can already hear some fans cheering and others saying we’ve given in to criticism,” he told the outlet.

“We love feedback from fans and the feedback on the change history has been great,” he continued. “People really liked it or hated it, but no one said, ‘Um, I can take it or leave it.’ And with Do or Die, the drama was exciting, but we also felt like that was a twist that we could shelve…for now.

Tyson Apostol played an impressive match in ‘The Challenge: USA’. The “Survivor” alum won four challenges and was the favorite to win going into the finals, so fans were shocked when Tyson, along with several other players, decided to walk away from the game in the final episode.

The winner of “Blood vs. Water” talked about his decision to run away from the finale of “The Challenge: USA” in an interview with “Us Weekly”.

“When it comes to Sudoku, they don’t let us take time out,” he told the outlet. “So I just have to stop. I will try to do this Sudoku. I’ve never played it. I know the premise and I’m going to give it a try. It took a while. I did not get it. They say, ‘That is incorrect.’ I was like, ‘Okay, well I don’t know what else to do.’ And they say, “Well, we can’t do the puzzle for you.” And I thought, ‘I’m not asking you to make the puzzle for me.’ I’m just saying I can’t because I don’t know how to do this. They shrugged and then I stopped.”

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