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50 Cent’s son criticized his father’s meager upkeep

Successful rapper 50 Cent is honest with his thoughts and often shares them on social media. His 26-year-old son, Marquise Jackson, inherited his father’s trait of calling out things he didn’t like. In October 2022, Jackson made waves for claiming child support from his own father over the years.

Marquise Jackson was born in October 1996 when 50 Cent was 21 years old. The rapper welcomed his child with girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins. In the years since, 50 and Tompkins have publicly feuded on social media, with Tompkins eventually suing 50 for $50 million in 2009, claiming he promised to take care of her for life.

50 reflected on how Marquise changed his outlook on life in a 2005 interview with the African American Literature Book Club.

“When my son came into my life, my priorities changed because I wanted to have the relationship with him that I didn’t have with my father,” he said.

As an adult, Jackson’s relationship with his father was more strained. In October 2022, the 25-year-old took to Instagram Live with entrepreneur and former rapper Choke No Joke to express his disappointment at the amount of money he received from his father in child support.

“$6,700 a month im [city] of New York City, you do the math,” Jackson said honestly. “You’re talking about a Forbes lister, you’re talking about someone who has trouble with everyone, you can’t just live in any neighborhood.”

“$81,000 [per year] is not a significant amount of money,” Jackson continued. “You can’t just live anywhere. If you’re talking about struggling with everyone in the industry, you can’t just live anywhere.

For his part, 50 responded by simply posting a video from his show on Instagram perfomance where his character Kanan kills his own son. The rapper captioned the video, “No Caption Required.”

50 Cent made all of his child support payments in 2017 and celebrated the achievement on social media. Jackson criticized his father for taking lightly the real-life situation he had dealt with throughout his life. The rapper later apologized for his Instagram post.

“Excuse me if I seem a bit insensitive sometimes. I’m different,” he said in the Post. “I climbed up a little harder than these guys. I don’t apologize I never met my father and my mother was killed when I was 8.”

In 2019, 50 went so far as to say Jackson wasn’t his son. In a 2020 Instagram Live with Van Lathan, 50 bemoaned the state of their relationship and blamed Jackson’s mother for how it had turned out. “It’s sad, it’s a sad situation,” he said. “When you pray for success, you don’t necessarily pray for the things that come with it. There is no success without jealousy, without envy or entitlement… His mother developed an entitlement that cannot be met and filtered that energy through his actual personal interests.”

After 50 shared his perfomance In an October 2022 Instagram post, Jackson went to his own IG page and asked his father to spend just 24 hours with him – in exchange for a month of child support. “Since y’all think $6,700 is sooo much money, someone tells my dad I’m going to pay him $6,700 for just 24 hours of his time so we can do everything I always wanted to do with him as a kid,” he captioned the post.

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