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5 Fan Theories About Why Leah Messer & Jaylan Mobley Split

“Teen Mom” ​​star Leah Messer gave no reason why she and her ex-fiancé, Jaylan Mobley, broke up after a two-month engagement – leading fans to theorize why the couple broke up.

They had been together for a year and talked about having children together, but – as far as the viewers are concerned – something must have happened that caused them to walk away from the relationship.

In their official statement, Messer and Mobley said they wanted to remain friends. “We have realized that it is best to walk separate paths,” they said. “We hope you keep checking out our stories as we move forward as friends.”

Leaving it vague, a conversation about the possible cause of the breakup has been one of the most popular discussions on the Teen Mom subreddit.

Heavy revealed the top reasons why fans think Messer and Mobley broke up:

Some of the suggestions people offered were simple: they just grew out of love.

People who subscribed to this theory think that the relationship got out of hand and that Mobley and Messer weren’t as romantically compatible as they used to be.

“I feel that too! i think she wanted to love him very much but he just wasn’t her type, was too cheesy and started to hate her,” said one top comment.

A common assumption is that Messer came to this realization when Cheyenne Floyd married Zach Davis on September 29. Messer and Mobley attended the celebration but didn’t post as many photos as they normally would for an event like this.

One theory being thrown around is that Mobley, 25, only wanted to be with Messer, 30 so he could get a verified blue check mark on Instagram — which he did — and some “Teen Mom” ​​fame.

He appeared early in their relationship on “Teen Mom” ​​and did multiple interviews with People and Entertainment Online while dating Messer.

This was a theory tossed around by fans before the breakup, a theory Messer had previously dismantled.

“If some of you really knew this man before all the preconceptions you want or what has been shown to you in a reality TV show that needs to be cut and edited for maximum drama, you would KNOW without a doubt that it wasn’t for the fame is,” Messer wrote on Instagram on Sept. 6.

“TRUST me, it’s not the reality fame he fell in love with,” she added.

Fans think money may have also caused Messer and Mobley to break up.

The main thing that made some people frown was when In Touch Weekly found out that Mobley said he had bought a house for Messer, but the deed was only in his name.

Before their breakup, Messer spoke about the situation in “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter,” saying she trusted her partner.

“If I really wanted to be on loan, I could just say, hey, let’s talk to a lawyer and deal with this. But I’m confident in our relationship,” she said. “Sometimes you ignore the shit and you keep growing, you keep moving forward and I know we will.”

Viewers on Reddit suspected that Messer might have wanted Mobley to sign a prenup, and he didn’t like her protecting her finances.

“I think she saw through to him when he became Groomzilla or didn’t want to sign a prenup,” said one person.

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