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10 True Crime Docs to watch on Netflix over Thanksgiving weekend

Over 50 true crime documentaries currently exist in Netflix’s jam-packed library, and the number continues to grow as viewers delve deeper into the genre. With so many options, it’s easy to get caught up in the amount of content that overwhelms the compelling features. Here are 10 suggestions for true crime docs and docuseries to help you get through the Thanksgiving break with your family or unwind from the busy holiday season.

The 94-minute film follows nurse Charles Cullen, who confessed to killing at least 40 patients in hospitals and a nursing home over a 16-year period. As a result of his killings, several states have enacted laws that hospitals must comply with.

TIED TOGETHER: “The Good Nurse”: Eddie Redmayne attended nursing school and hired a movement coach to portray serial killer Charles Cullen

The documentary follows 20-year-old Army soldier Vanessa Guillen, who was murdered at her base after telling her mother that another soldier was molesting her.

This 82-minute true crime documentary introduces Chris Watt, who killed his pregnant wife and two young daughters in 2018, and explores common theories behind his actions.

This documentary follows Sharon Marshall, a young girl who was kidnapped by fugitive Franklin Delano Floyd and raised as his daughter. He went on to force her into marriage before becoming a person interested in her hit-and-run deaths.

The five-part docuseries tells four stories about bad-intentioned roommates, including landlady Dorothea Puente, KC Joy, athlete Youssef Khater and squatter Jamison Bachman.

The documentary follows the complicated story of former professional bodybuilder Sally McNeil, who was convicted of murdering her husband, Mr. Olympia competitor Ray McNeil.

The 40-minute documentary showed the apparent discrepancies in the Stand Your Ground law as Brittany Smith attempted to use the defense after killing a man she accused of assaulting her.

This four-part series documents Billy Milligan, the first person to use diagnosed dissociative identity disorder as a defense and the first to be acquitted using it as a plea. Instead of going to prison, he spent 10 years in mental hospitals, where he was diagnosed with a total of 24 personalities.

The four-part docuseries outlines evidence left behind by investigative journalist Maury Terry, who was determined to prove serial killer David Berkowitz carried out the killings for a satanic cult rumored to have ties to Charles Manson, “The children”.

The three-part true crime docuseries follows counterfeiter and convicted murderer Mark Hoffman. Considered one of the most accomplished forgers in American history, he created forged documents on the history of the Church of Latter-day Saints before murdering two people with a bomb.

TIED TOGETHER: Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Shocking Connections to the FLDS and This Man in Keep Sweet: Obey and Pray

All of these true crime shows and documentaries are available to stream on Netflix.

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