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Will there be ‘Luther’ Season 6? Creator teases franchise return after film

Idris Elba’s John Luther is back and this time he’s getting his own feature-length story in Netflix’s The Fallen Sun.

It has been four years since the former detective was carted off to prison at the end of its fifth season, and the new film sees Luther face an enemy who is just as tough as his iconic adversary Alice Morgan (Ruth Wilson): David Robey, played by Andy Serkis.

The BBC show has remained hugely popular since its debut in 2010.

Viewers are likely to be interested in whether Luther will be back after the events of The Fallen Sun, and the show’s original creator Neil Cross and the film’s director Jamie Payne told Newsweek all about their future plans for the franchise.

Ever since Season 5 of Luther came to an end, viewers have wondered whether the BBC show would return, but Cross was quick to explain whether there would ever be a sixth season of the show.

Cross firmly told Newsweek: “There will never be another TV show.”

Going on to reference the film’s ending, which sees Luther meet an unseen character in a car, Cross added: “We definitely have aspirations for the future and we do know who’s in the car, and those two facts are not unrelated.”

In LutherThe Fallen Sun, Elba’s former detective escapes prison in order to find and stop merciless serial killer Robey while the police are hot on their trails.

Luther is put through hell trying to stop Robey, but, in the end, he is able to stop the menacing villain. His part in taking down the serial killer puts him back in the government’s good books, so to speak, and in the closing moments of the episode he is asked to meet with a person known only as the “Chief.”

The person in the car is not shown on camera, but when asked directly about the mysterious character Payne said it was “a fantastic question.”

Cross added: “I know it’s not Alice in the car, she’d be driving something red and a lot more sporty. But yeah, we know who’s in the car and we know the parameters of the world.”

As mentioned above, the introduction of the “Chief” will be integral to Luther’s future and it is possible that the title means the character is the head of the police, or even MI5 or MI6, who was so impressed with Luther for stopping Robey that they want to offer him a new job.

At the mention of Alice, and how viewers might have thought she’d possibly be the person in the car, Payne added: “But isn’t it fantastic that you’re that invested, and it’s a joy to know. I love Luther and I’ve invested years from a directing point of view but it’s an absolute joy to hear that passion coming back.

“It’s really something that Neil and I talk about a lot. That passion is really present in our process because of how [fans] feel and that’s a responsibility. And, of course, […] you can’t say ‘let’s try and please everybody.’ You can’t. But the great thing is there’s characters that people are still hungry to see more of.”

Cross added that if Alice, who was supposedly left for dead in the Luther Season 5 finale, what going to return it’d have to come as a surprise.

He explained: “I’ve just realized something quite important. A door has just opened in my head.

“Bringing back Alice is a decision like bringing back the Daleks in Doctor Who. Once you assume it’s going to happen all the magic is gone out of it. The return of the Daleks has always got to be a surprise and a reward, not an inevitability.”

Luther: The Fallen Sun is out on Netflix now.

Idris Elba’s John Luther is back and this time he’s getting his own feature-length story in Netflix’s The Fallen Sun.

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