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Who pays for the engagement rings on "Love Is Blind"? The inside scoop

Love Is Blind is back for another season with a brand new cast of individuals hoping to meet their perfect romantic match in the Netflix show’s fourth installation.

The show follows a unique format that sees the men and women dating each other in “pods” where they are unable to see the person who they are romantically involved with.

Participants spend ten days in the pods before some choose to get engaged to one of their co-stars. Only then do they meet their fiancé or fiancée in person.

The proposals on the show take place in the pods so the couples do not see each other in person, however, once they do come face to face, whoever proposes presents their new partner with an engagement ring to seal the deal.

As participants live in accommodation attached to the pods during the time before they get engaged, fans have been curious in the past as to how they get a hold of the engagement rings.

Newsweek has everything you need to know about the behind-the-scenes secrets on Love Is Blindincluding who provides the engagement rings.

Ahead of the Love Is Blind Season 3 finale in November 2022, the series creator, and founder of production company Kinetic Content, Chris Coelen, revealed how the engagements work on the show.

speaking to NewsweekCoelen confirmed that, as with rings for the weddings on the series, the show’s production team provide the engagement rings.

He explained: “If they get to the point that they want to propose, we will ultimately give them [the rings].

“I don’t know how many different kinds of rings, but there’s some selection of rings that that we will show to them…and if they want to propose and get engaged, we will give them the opportunity to.”

Coelen, whose production company also makes The Ultimatum other Married At First Sightadded that both the men and the women are allowed to propose to their partners, even though, historically, it has been the men who have popped the big question.

“On every show that that I’ve worked on, I always say to the women, ‘You know you can propose.’ Like this is an equal, mutual decision. If you want to propose, you have the power to do that. We encourage you to,” he said.

Coelen also referenced Love Is Blind Season 1 cast member Giannina ‘Gigi’ Gibelli, who interrupted her co-star Damian Powers’ proposal to ask him to marry her.

“Really, the only person that slightly took us up on that was Gigi from season one, who sort of stopped Damian’s proposal and then kind of flipped his [proposal] and said, ‘Oh no, I want to propose to you.'”

Coelen previously confirmed to Newsweek that everything the Love Is Blind cast needs for their wedding day is provided by the show.

“We put on the wedding and and we supply the food and get their input into all this,” he said. “If there’s anything over and above what we would normally do then [the couples] are most certainly welcome to do that.”

There are 30 singletons heading into the pods for the new season of Love Is Blind but, as fans of the show know, not all 30 will get engaged.

The women taking part this season are:

The men who have signed themselves up for Love Is Blind Season 4 are:

The first part of Love Is Blind Season 4 is out now on Netflix. The previous three seasons are available to stream in full.

Love Is Blind is back for another season with a brand new cast of individuals hoping to meet their perfect romantic match in the Netflix show’s fourth installation.

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