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Who killed Robert Wone? The suspects and theories explained

In August 2006, Robert Wone was found dead in the guest bedroom of his friend Joe Price’s home in Washington DC

Wone, 32, had died after being stabbed three times in the chest, but the circumstances around his death have confounded authorities for years.

Peacock’s new two-part documentary Who Killed Robert Wone? tries to answer this very question, and director Jared P. Scott spoke with Newsweek about bringing to light the different suspects and theories once more to try and help the case.

Wone was killed in the home of his friend Price, who shared the house with his two romantic partners, Victor Zaborsky and Dylan Ward. Wone had stayed over because he did not wish to disturb his wife Katherine by coming home in the middle of the night after a late shift he had at his work, Radio Free Asia.

According to the documentary, Wone arrived at the residence at approximately 10:30 pm on August 2, and at 11:49 pm Zaborsky made a call to 9-1-1 to say that the lawyer had been stabbed. Paramedics arrived five minutes later.

The first EMT that arrived on the scene is featured in Peacock’s documentary, and he shared how he felt something was off because Wone’s torso had no blood on it. He said that he felt the manner in which Price, Zaborsky and Ward acted around him was strange.

The lawyer was pronounced dead at 12:24 am on August 3. No one has been charged with his murder at this time.

At the time of Wone’s death, Price, Zaborsky and Ward told authorities that they believed an intruder had killed their friend. The trio, who were in a polyamorous relationship, said they heard a person heading down the stairs of their home when they went to investigate a series of grunts coming from the guest bedroom.

The trio claimed that an intruder must have entered their home from the townhouse’s backdoor which had been left open and could be reached if they had jumped over their garden fence. They said that they had not heard anyone coming up the stairs of their home, nor could they explain why the alleged killer had chosen to go past Ward’s room and enter the guest bedroom across the hallway.

None of the three men had seen the alleged intruder, and the police largely dismissed their witness testimony because they believed that there was a lack of evidence to support the theory.

When Price, Zaborsky and Ward were charged with obstruction of justice and taken to court in 2008, defense attorney Bernie Grimm argued that the police had not sufficiently investigated the possibility of there being an intruder.

Grimm appeared in the Peacock documentary and shared how police had ignored witness testimony from a neighbor that could have suggested there was an intruder. He also mentioned that for the trial, he tested whether it was possible for a person to climb over the fence to reach the house and found that it could be done.

When the crime first took place police believed that one of the people in the house with Wone was responsible for the murder. Price, Zaborsky and Ward have all denied any involvement in Wone’s death.

The police investigation found that Wone had been sexually assaulted, and they believed he had either been restrained or injected with a drug that had paralyzed him as there were puncture marks found on his body. The surgical precision with which he had been cut suggested that Wone had not moved when he was stabbed. There were no traces of drugs in Wone’s system, according to the autopsy report.

Authorities found a large collection of BDSM items in the home, including things that could be used to restrain a person during sex, and they believed this might have been relevant to the case. However, an investigation of the items found that none could be linked to Wone’s murder.

Moreover, while a knife was found at the scene of the crime, authorities later found the blade was too large to be used in the killing. Police were unable to find the murder weapon, though they argued that a blade that was missing from a cutlery set in Dylan’s room was the right size for the crime.

During Price, Zaborsky and Ward’s trial for obstruction of justice, Dylan’s mother took to the witness stand and tested that she had gifted the cutlery set to her son and had kept the smaller blade.

A third theory is that Price, Zaborsky and Ward had tampered with the scene to cover up the crime for someone, either one of them or another individual.

When first speaking with police, Price said that he had found the knife placed on top of Wone’s torso which he then moved to the bedside table. Later he changed his witness statement and claimed that he had taken the knife out of Wone’s torso.

Police believed that the blood splatter on the knife and the evidence of white fibers on the weapon suggested that the blade had been wiped with a towel, which appeared to support the theory that the weapon was not the one used to kill Wone as it did not have any traces of the lawyer’s gray T-shirt.

When police arrived at the scene in August 2006, Price, Zaborsky and Ward were wearing bathrobes and all three appeared to have recently showered. Authorities also believed that the lack of blood on the scene and around Wone suggested that it had been cleaned up, or that Wone had been moved.

In August 2006, Robert Wone was found dead in the guest bedroom of his friend Joe Price’s home in Washington DC

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