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Video of Gwyneth Paltrow’s bizarre questioning during trial viewed 2M times

Gwyneth Paltrow’s ongoing trial over a ski collision is providing the internet with plenty of viral moments to enjoy.

The Oscar-winning actress finally took the stand on Friday and could return again this week, after she was accused of causing severe injuries to a retired optometrist at the Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah on February 26, 2016. Terry Sanderson, 76 , claims Paltrow skied into the back of him, while Paltrow has countersued stating that he actually skied into the back of her.

Clips of Paltrow giving testimony quickly went viral. A collation of clips featuring Paltrow being quizzed by Sanderson’s attorney Kristin VanOrman has been viewed over 2.3 million times already, as people noted the seemingly bizarre nature of some of the questions aimed at the celebrity.

“Frankly I don’t want this trial to ever end,” wrote influencer Matt Bernstein on Twitter, sharing the video put together by The Washington Post.

“You were wearing goggles, a helmet? Kind of looked like everybody else on the slope?” Van Orman asked Paltrow at the Third Judicial District Court in Park City on Friday.

“That’s always my intention,” Paltrow replied.

“Probably had a better ski outfit though I bet,” Van Orman said, smiling and pointing at Paltrow.

“I still have the same one,” Paltrow replied laughing.

A later clip shows VanOrman standing with a mic in her hand in front of Paltrow at the witness box. Here Sanderson’s attorney tells Paltrow how jealous she is that Paltrow is 5 feet 10 inches tall but they both agree that they’re now shrinking. Paltrow then compliments Van Orman on her 4-inch heels that boost her height.

“I’m assuming, and you’re under oath here, that you’re a good tipper,” VanOrman said in another snippet from the trial. “Yes,” Paltrow said. “Good, I wouldn’t expect anything less,” VanOrman replied.

Thousands of people have commented on the video to share their take of the celebrity grilling.

British talk show host Lorraine Kelly expressed her shock.

“Is it an early April Fool? coz this is some super parody shenanigans,” Kelly wrote on Twitter on Monday morning.

“Bizarre questioning,” Twitter Blue subscriber @YK__In_WI replied.

A number of social media users called the footage “cringe,” while others suggested they should “get a room.”

Writer Jenna Guillaume said she went into “full body cringe with every clip,” but added, “and yet I can’t look away.”

While many mocked the exchanges, and some shared their incredulity at their nature, others offered up an explanation.

“All of this behavior from the lawyer is fawning, which is a common response to bullying,” journalist Heidi N. Moore wrote. “I think the lawyer picked up that Gwyneth is bullying her, and is fawning over Gwyneth to seem less threatening/not worth bullying.”

Arizona-based journalist Jose R. Gonzalez also believed VanOrman should get more credit.

“Do people in the comments not realize lawyers use flattery to disarm people?” he asked.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s ongoing trial over a ski collision is providing the internet with plenty of viral moments to enjoy.

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