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‘The Last of Us’ finale wants "massively" divide viewers, Bella Ramsey hints

In one week, viewers will be able to see how Joel Miller (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie Williams’ journey on HBO’s The Last of Us comes to an end.

The critically acclaimed adaptation of Naughty Dog’s game has been one of the network’s biggest hits to date, with viewership growing consistently as the series has progressed.

But although The Last of Us is so popular, and indeed is such an accurate adaptation of the iconic game, Ellie star Bella Ramsey has suggested the final episode won’t be popular with everyone.

The Last of Us Follows Joel and Ellie as they traverse the dangerous landscape of post-apocalypse America, which has been decimated by the Cordyceps Brain Infection. They are on a mission to reach the rebel group The Fireflies to help find a cure.

Ramsey spoke to British Vogue about what was to come in the show’s Season 1 finale, and the star was definitive in how they thought it’d be perceived.

the game of Thrones star told the publication: “It’s going to divide people massively – massively.”

Ramsey didn’t give any specifics as to why they felt the ending would be divisive, however at the time it was released the way in which the game ends was largely praised by critics, though the decision that players have to make was a much- discussed topic.

Without going into specifics regarding the final events of the game —in case it ends up being the same in the TV show— players have to make a morally questionable decision as Joel regarding Ellie, and his actions change the whole trajectory of the world in which the characters live.

When the game was released in 2013, the ending was the subject of much debate given the moral quandary it posed.

Polygon, for example, said that the dramatic way in which the game ends “is powerful and absolutely necessary” to Joel’s character arc in particular, and said forcing players to make a choice that isn’t typically “heroic” was the “boldest, brashest move, and it works so well.”

forbes also wrote a piece reflecting on the game’s ending in 2013, in which the writer said “the ending of The Last of Us works because it’s so jarringly different from what we’ve seen normally.”

And the writer added that Joel’s actions and the ending are supposed to be divisive because “you’re supposed to struggle with the morality of the scenario.”

Meanwhile, an article about The Last of Us Part I other II published in January 2022 by The Guardians saw one reporter praise Neil Druckmann’s story for the first game, saying “it is a jaw-dropping, supremely brave ending.”

The Last of Us finale airs on HBO on Sunday, March 12, at 9 pm ET, and it will be available to stream on HBO Max.

In one week, viewers will be able to see how Joel Miller (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie Williams’ journey on HBO’s The Last of Us comes to an end.

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