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‘Ted Lasso’ creators hint show isn’t over yet amid final season rumors

While many thought Season 3 of Ted Lasso could be the end, the creators have told Newsweek there could still be plenty more to come.

The highly anticipated third season of the multi-award winning soccer sitcom Ted Lasso returns to Apple TV+ on March 15. In its short time on the air, the British-based comedy, which stars Jason Sudeikis as the titular character, has won over fans across the world.

For a while, fans of the show have been bracing themselves for Ted Lasso to come to an end after the third season. However, that no longer appears to be the case as the creators fuel the rumor mill that there could be future seasons or even spinoffs incoming.

Brendan Hunt (Coach Beard), Brett Goldstein (Roy Kent) and Nick Mohammed (Nathan ‘Nate’ Shelley) all sat down with Newsweek to discuss the future of the show and the upcoming third season.

In 2022, Goldstein was quoted as saying Season 3 of Ted Lasso was “being written as the final” season, which echoed what star and co-creator Sudeikis had said, that he’d always intended the show to play out across a three-season narrative arc.

However, it appears there’s a very real chance of there being life after Season 3 for Ted Lasso and its popular characters.

“We were never really saying that this was going to be the final season,” co-creator, executive producer and writer Hunt told Newsweek. “We have always been open about how we’ve seen it as a three-movement [orchestra] suite, and here we are at the third movement.” As he points out though, sometimes an orchestra decides to play on.

Ted Lasso has grown in popularity year by year, winning Emmys, Golden Globes and numerous other awards. It’s also made Richmond, a borough of London, England, a tourist destination for viewers. The fictional AFC Richmond football club has even been added to the FIFA video games.

“When we had the notion of the three-piece story, that calculus did not include the reaction the show would be getting, nor did it calculate how much we f****** love being in this world [of Ted Lasso].”

Hunt continued: “So all we know for sure is that we’re gonna take ourselves a hearty break. And then we’ll reassess a little while but everything’s on the table. There might be more, there might be nothing, but we’ re not closing the door yet.”

Formidable player-turned-pundit-turned-coach Roy Kent is played by Goldstein, who is now a two-time Emmy Award winner for his portrayal. He was originally brought in by Bill Lawrence (scrubs) to be a writer before he decided to audition for the part he’d helped create.

“It always was written, and has still been written as the completion of a story,” writer and co-executive producer Goldstein told Newsweek. “There is very much ‘an ending’ to Season 3.

“As to whether there be any more, that’s up to Apple, I have an idea for them. I pitched it to Jason, he’s considering it,” Goldstein said, though his answer descended into something which we highly suspect is a joke.

“It’s tricky to do with Season 4 because of the amount of characters who die at the end of Season 3. But my plan is: five die, four of them cross over to heaven, but one of them has unfinished business and that’s Ted. So Season 4 is Ghost Lasso. He is haunting the corridors trying to inspire the team, but not all of them believe in ghosts. And that’s their journey.” While Goldstein is pulling our leg, it would actually be a remarkable full circle storyline to complement Season 1’s Episode 6, “Two Aces.”

Newsweek will have more from Hunt, Goldstein and Mohammed as we get closer to the new season’s launch on March 15. The first episode of the 12-part season will drop on Apple TV+ with every new episode dropping weekly on Wednesdays.

ahead of season 3, Newsweek asked the trio to complete the sentence: “Season 3 of Ted Lasso is…”

Mohammed, already a successful British comedian, write and actor before joining the show, said Season 3 of Ted Lasso is “the best out of all three seasons, in my opinion.”

Hunt, who’s played Coach Beard alongside Sudeikis’ Ted Lasso since the 2013 NBC Sports promos, said Season 3 of Ted Lasso is “my favorite season we’ve ever done.

And Goldstein, who since starring in Ted Lasso has also bagged himself a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, simply said that Season 3 of Ted Lasso is “f****** epic.”

While many thought Season 3 of Ted Lasso could be the end, the creators have told Newsweek there could still be plenty more to come.

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