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Inside Terry Bradshaw’s daughter Rachel’s Texas country club wedding

Pro Football Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw’s daughter, Rachel Bradshaw, married Chase Lybbert at Denton Country Club in Texas on Saturday.

The 35-year-old reality star/musician tied the knot in front of 300 guests and a proud dad, who is a legendary former NFL quarterback with the Pittsburgh Steelers and analyst on Fox.

Rachel is part of the family’s reality show—The Bradshaw Bunch—along with her four-time Super Bowl-winning father.

A plethora of photos from the big day have been posted on social media by the friends and family of Bradshaw, as they give an insight into the joyful celebrations of the day.

speaking to People About her wedding day, Bradshaw was delighted to have completed her nuptials with someone she has known since she was a child.

“I’m marrying my childhood friend,” she said. “Our families are so close. And solidifying that is so special, really, for all of us. Our moms have been trying to hook us up for over a decade, so this is the best day ever for them, and us! It’s just so much love and warmth.”

The couple tied the knot at the Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum, with Bradshaw walked down the aisle by her father.

The singer was previously married to Rob Bironas, the Tennessee Titans kicker who died in a car crash in 2014.

Speaking about her wedding day this time around, Bradshaw said: “We are not doing a traditional ceremony. I didn’t want to deal with anything traditional.

“This is my second wedding, and I was like, ‘Let’s just have a big party.’ Basically a reception, but it was just way more us.”

Denton Country Club was chosen for a reason, as it is somewhere that both families resonate with and have been associated with for years.

“Our parents’ parents have been members for generations, and we are members,” Bradshaw said. “And on the day that I saw him and I fell in love with him was June 28th, 2021. I was sitting at the country club with my girlfriend Erin, drinking wine, and at a corner table. So we just fell in love there , met there.

“His parents were both married there. So I was like, ‘You know what? We got to do it at the country club.’ It’s just meant to be.”

On the big day, the place was decorated with ivory peony flowers and shades of white with “a ton of balloons.” Bradshaw wore a Zhivago gown along with cowboy boots inscribed with their names and wedding date.

There was plenty to compliment the Southern theme, including a seafood tower, macaroni and cheese bar, green beans and corn dogs.

Speaking about what they were looking for from their day, Bradshaw said: “Southern everything. Just yummy, kind of finger foods. I don’t want everyone sitting down, I want people up and partying.

“When you walk in the door, you’re handed champagne and like a meatball or a tuna tartare. I want people partying and drinking and eating and not waiting around.”

What made the day really special for the bride and groom, according to Bradshaw, was “everyone coming together, all these people we’ve known our entire lives, it just makes it really special.”

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Pro Football Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw’s daughter, Rachel Bradshaw, married Chase Lybbert at Denton Country Club in Texas on Saturday.

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