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Ginger Zee apologizes after being accused of lying

ABC meteorologist Ginger Zee has cleared up any confusion over a weather report she gave on the network’s World News Tonight show.

One viewer suggested she lied about the amount of snowfall that would fall in the Albany, New York, area as the national weather service issued a storm alert.

“More drama and lies!!@Ginger_Zee just said Albany NY will get 12+ inches of snow. The the three Albany TV stations, including an ABC affiliate are all calling for a maximum of 8-12 in Albany,” the disgruntled viewer tweeted .

Zee was having none of it and clapped back: “Apologies for the confusion — Albany definite 8-12″ … I’m actually coming up to cover it from Albany so maybe you can swing by and say hello to meet the human that doesn’t like drama — see you soon!”

The viewer told her he couldn’t make it because he was heading to Florida but recommended she head to “D’Raymonds for lunch.” D’Raymonds is an Italian restaurant in the Albany area.

Her fans backed her up in the replies and admired the way she stood up to “internet trolls.”

“I love how you defy the internet trolls with your look and clothes, you don’t need to worry about them at all, what makes me keep watching you every morning is I can tell your personality matches the the beautiful lady on the outside, you’re not fake, and I can tell,” wrote one fan.

Another added: “How you handle these weirdos….you deserve a Nobel Diplomacy prize.”

And a third commented: “You are so very kind and an example for all of us. Thank you.”

The National Weather Service of Albany had actually forecasted between 12 to 15 inches for the area Monday afternoon until Wednesday morning as the service issued a special alert for the Nor’easter storm, proving Zee had got it right.

It updated locals on Monday evening saying that two inches of snow or more was expected to fall hourly from the eastern Catskills through mid Hudson Valley, central Taconics and Berkshires from about 3.45 am on Tuesday morning.

The National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning for eastern New York and western New England. It warned locals about the potential for power outages from broken tree limbs disrupting power lines.

Zee is no stranger to reporting from dicey situations amid intense weather conditions.

Last week she shut down internet trolls who commented on her hood, despite the fact she was reporting from outside in very strong winds.

Zee, 42, was standing on the banks of the Hudson River in New York City for a live cross to ABC’s World News Tonight .

She described how she and the filming crew were fighting some “brutal gusts” of wind.

Even though she was outside in tough weather conditions some viewers were more focused on what was happening with her clothing.

“What’s with the weird off center hoodie?” asked one person on Twitter, to which Zee replied via a retweet“winds were gusting to 40 mph — I couldn’t quite keep my hood centered.”

But when one fan said she’d experienced an onset “faux pas”, Zee corrected them.

“Come on give the lady a break. She always looks good on camera so she’s allowed a small faux pas,” the fan tweeted.

Zee replied: “Faux pas is not this though — it’s the wind lol.”

ABC meteorologist Ginger Zee has cleared up any confusion over a weather report she gave on the network’s World News Tonight show.

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