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Chris Rock’s TV debut is one of the craziest things you’ll ever see

A clip from Chris Rock’s TV debut on MiamiVice has resurfaced, and it will probably be the most confusing thing you see today.

Rock has made headlines in recent weeks for his savage comeback against Will Smith, who slapped him over a year ago at the 2022 Academy Awards. Rock had his say on the incident during his recent Netflix stand-up special Selective Outrage.

While that story may have dominated Rock’s career over the past year, it shouldn’t be forgotten that away from stand-up comedy, Rock is an established actor, writer, and director.

Before going on to star in movies like Madagascar, grown ups, and TV shows like Fargo, he started his on-screen career in the 1980s. His first credited role was a small part in Beverly Hills Cop IIbut his first TV appearance came later that year in an episode of MiamiVice—and a clip from that episode is wowing social media users.

Airing on November 13, 1987, a 22-year-old Rock featured in the Season 4 episode “Missing Hours.” The episode featured the Vice Squad investigating a UFO cult leader, Lou De Long, played by singer James Brown.

While the clip that has thousands confused doesn’t feature Chris Rock, it’s worth watching for its bizarre nature, dated 1980s graphics, and a fantastically on-the-nose reference to James Brown outside of the show.

The popular Twitter account @ScarredForLife2 shared the clip in question. Quite appropriately, they wrote, “You’ll never guess where this clip is going.” Replying to some comments, the account added that the entire episode is “absolutely bonkers from start to finish. I love it.”

“I don’t remember it being this brilliant,” wrote user @markyoboyle with laughing emojis.

“Wonderful. I love it when mainstream US series go a bit weird,” @psychojography wrote, before listing some of their other weird TV favorites.

“Missing Hours” was the only episode of MiamiVice that Rock starred in as he played the character Carson. A YouTube channel claiming to be the official MiamiVice account regularly shares clips from the ’80s classic, and they’ve shared a four-minute video that features all of Rock’s scenes in the episode

Rock’s Carson is a young employee at the Vice Squad who informs his colleagues about a ufology (the study of UFOs) bulletin board. He’s a perfect exposition vehicle in the episode, but he was never seen before or since on MiamiVice. Perhaps he was abducted?

A clip from Chris Rock’s TV debut on MiamiVice has resurfaced, and it will probably be the most confusing thing you see today.

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