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‘Bachelor’ Fans Think They Know What Really Happened With Zach and Rachel

The Bachelor fans have speculated about what may have transpired between Zach Shallcross and Rachel Reccia before his exit from last year’s season of The Bachelorette.

Before he was announced as the new lead for The Bachelor Shallcross, 27, was a contestant on the 2022 edition of The Bachelorette, which was fronted by two women for the first time; one being Reccia and the other being Gabby Windey.

Shallcross made it to the the final episode and was one of Reccia’s top three suitors, but his journey on the ABC dating show came to a dramatic end after he and Reccia had an off-air disagreement during their night in the “Fantasy Suites.”

Fans saw as, the morning after their night alone together, Shallcross questioned Reccia’s character and stated that what he was seeing “wasn’t the real Rachel,” before taking himself out of the competition.

Shallcross later apologized to Reccia at The Bachelorette season finale and, though both suggested that the disagreement had been sparked by a conversation about their ages and whether Shallcross was ready to be engaged, specific details about their discussion were kept under wraps.

With Shallcross now being the focus of the latest season of The Bachelorfans have been discussing his behavior on social media and think they may know what went wrong between him and Reccia that night in the Fantasy Suites.

Over the past few episodes, viewers have pointed out that Shallcross appears to get uncomfortable when conversations become difficult or emotional, as has happened with contestants Jess Girod and Greer Blitzer.

Some The Bachelor fans have speculated that this could have been the reason for the breakdown of his romance with Reccia, though of course this is just fan opinion.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer suggested: “I think I know why Zach said Rachel was a different person after their overnight on her season: that was probably the first time she expressed doubts and insecurities to him, and we’ve all seen how poorly he handles that #TheBachelor.”

As another posted: “Starting to think maybe the issue that happened on Zach and Rachel’s fantasy suite was that Rachel expressed some sort of insecurity to Zach, who then immediately bounced, as we’ve seen him do all season on #thebachelor #TheBachelorABC. “

“The way Zach handles difficult conversations is starting to help me understand what might have happened in the fantasy suites with Rachel… #TheBachelor,” added a third.

While a fourth tweeted: “it’s interesting how folks were quick to vilify rachel after zach’s claims about her, and now we’re seeing him as someone who doesn’t seem to care about the feelings/concerns of the women he’s dating. specifically, the women (you can tell) he isn’t interested in #TheBachelor.”

Despite the apparent criticism of Shallcross from some fans, other viewers have shown their support for the star.

“Rachel really dropped the ball with Zach. He’s such a respectful, genuine & sweet man. Definitely one of my favorite bachelors thus far #TheBachelor,” gushed one Shallcross supporter.

As another stated: “Zach is too sweet for his own good #TheBachelor.”

On the latest episode of The BachelorShallcross sent Kat Izzo, Greer Blitzer and Brooklyn Willie home, leaving just four women left in the competition’s cast.

Ariel Frenke, Charity Lawson, Kaity Biggar and Gabi Elnicki will now compete to see who can make the deepest connection with Shallcross, and potentially end the season with an engagement.

Season 27 of The Bachelor continues Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

The Bachelor fans have speculated about what may have transpired between Zach Shallcross and Rachel Reccia before his exit from last year’s season of The Bachelorette.

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